14 thoughts on “WoT EU: Auction 2023 Day 1 – 121B “Monkey King”

  1. Last year after peregrine and gonzalo didnot sold out wg say… They hear the community. And now a copy-paste tank. GG

  2. Well, you can actually buy it for 15k bonds, right?
    I managed to save up 28mil. credits the last few days. I don’t think I will spend it for that.
    Hopefully something better will come up, but my guess is that this will be the only one for credits

    1. Why would you buy it with 15k bonds? That would be the dumbest move. People who wants this tank, should pay credits, cause those are very easy to grind, but bonds not that easy.

      1. I bought the 121B with 15K bonds and i don’t regret it. If i bought it with 20M credits i would regret it when Tech Trees are 6.1M credits. After all, 20M credits are 3 and a half Tier X Tech Trees, and the 121B doesn’t even make credits.

        1. You’re forgetting that the tank is Tier X. Meaning, you don’t have to spend the credits, free exp, etc. on all the tanks and crews prior to this tank. The average tier 10, if you elite out every tank in the line prior to it, is ~25mil credits so you’re getting a pretty good deal with only having to buy the 1 tank at 20mil.

  3. More completely historical tanks is what this game needs…. now they look like a fucking chink monkey also…

  4. WZ Qilin a reskin for a techtree tank the 5a
    113 BO a reskin for a collection tank (113 easy to buy only grinde some chinese line to t10 and free unlock)

    And today reskin of 121b a tank that every can buy for 15k bonds or pick for free ein cw wtf

    I hope its like the vz55 reskin last summer … only release on CN server but noooo

    Imagine tomorrow the progetto reskin 😂😂

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