WoT CT 1.20: Changed Commander Appearance

Simon Claws’ commander appearance has been changed and now it looks more Slavic (last time it was given from the December twitch drops without any skills)

7 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: Changed Commander Appearance

  1. A much needed change!
    Game was unplayable!
    Glad to see WG putting efforts into these details!!!

  2. Again this is for wot Ru.
    A totally different game now. So stop putting this new here morons

    1. It’s on Wargaming’s Common Test so stop acting like someone who knows anything about what comes to EU or RU…

      1. We know more about tanks and world of tanks than you fucking copy and paste merchant from wot express 🖕🏼

  3. its always changing on Common Test server (because its the Ru standard). It doesnt affect the game and wont come to the EU region.

    But why do you need to write about stuff like this?
    You dont check the facts and just post this.
    And this article is useless for everyone. Who do you think will say OMG they really do this? Is it so important for the game in the first place?

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