Learn About the Advantages of the European and Chinese Regions Over the Russian One in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is one of the most popular online games, with millions of players trying their luck every day around the world. It is a multiplayer game featuring the tanks of the previous century.

The basic version is free, but players need to pay more if they want upgraded features. The game is played in a virtual space, and players are free to choose the region they want to play in.

Those who are particularly skilled go on to earn considerable amounts of money. The leading players of World of Tanks are able to earn well over $100,000 in prize money earnings. As noted, players from all over the world are playing the game. A lot of them come from Europe, China, and Russia. We are taking a closer look at the advantages of the European and Chinese regions over Russia as far as this game is concerned. Check out what we have come up with.

Broader and larger player base

The European and Chinese regions have a much larger and more diverse player range. It is not just about absolute numbers. By this criterion, Europe and China have a far larger combined population than Russia. This means a lot more people playing World of Tanks.

It also means you have greater opportunities to link up with someone in those regions, getting a broader spectrum of skill levels. All of this means a better benchmarking experience and more engaging competition.

Europe and China have access to better technology

The European and Chinese regions have access to more advanced technologies. No matter what the Russians say about the might of their country and economy, they simply can’t keep up with European and Chinese competitors. Russian technology companies lag behind in terms of the quality of their products and services. Even those that are relatively advanced still depend on imported chips and parts. Most of these usually come from China.

In addition, the internet infrastructure is also normally faster and more efficient in the European and Chinese regions. For players, this means better graphics, better speed, optimal performance, and greater satisfaction.

More active player communities

The European and Chinese regions have more active and engaged player communities. They interact with one another far more frequently, organizing events, competitions, tournaments, and lots of other fun activities. You don’t really see much of that in Russia. Some people go so far as to set up teams, turning personal rivalry into some sort of team sport. Those who do it well say this can be a really fun experience.

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More powerful and stable servers

The European and Chinese regions have access to more stable, reliable, and powerful servers. In terms of the network infrastructure, these regions hold sway over Russian servers. As a result, connections are more secure and stable, leading to a smooth gaming experience. Players rarely experience disruptions or network failures, which can be really disappointing. If you have ever experienced an unexpected disruption as a gamer, you know what I mean.

Final Considerations

World of Tanks engages lots of players in all corners of the world. This is an exciting game with a lot of fun. The European and Chinese regions have some obvious advantages over the Russian region in World of Tanks. Most of these advantages have to do with better technology and more stable and secure networks leading to a more rewarding gaming experience.

Olivia Evans is an accomplished writer, researcher, and avid gamer. She has been studying the pros and cons of various games based on a careful review and assessment of their features. The World of Tanks is one of Olivia’s favorite games. She enjoys both playing it regularly, as well sharing her experiences with those who share her passion.

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  2. I find this really interesting and would really like to know more!!
    Olivia, please send me your phone number and age!

  3. Well, looks like Olivia caught the anti-russian virus that is spreading through Europe faater than corona.
    Article is absolute nonsense.

    And at the end of the day, russian boss milks both EU and Chinese players.
    Those who think that Mir Tankov and World of Tanks are two separate entities now and that their money doesn’t end in russian pockets anymore should wake up. If they hate Russia – stop spending money in WoT, simple. 😀

    1. be assured that nobody with more than 2 braincells believes those shenanigans… it is surely intended to appeal to european authorities and nothing more. ofc money will continue to flow to russia, what else?

  4. I mean… I know it’s sponored. But this did feel like it was less about games and more about propaganda the way it was written. It was a bit… cringe.

  5. I actually appreciate this one XDDD
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