WoT Supertest: Reddit User Leaks Information About Testing


Introduction: THIS NICK WAS JUST TO TAKE A NICK OF ST PLAYER, IM SORRY FOR ANY DAMAGES, but I was indeed an super tester. Some days ago, I did some ama. And I’m doing this, since I’ve got kinda mad about wg decisions. I don’t want make this a hate WG thread, there is ton of WG employees which are awesome human beings and I truly love them. Sadly its corporate, and they cannot change it, since it’s just what their boss wants. So, they need to comply.

How to join ST: you join through website and article on world of tanks website. And requirements are 48,5%+ Wr, 5k games and 500 games on tX.

Rewards: You can get : Golds, styles, tanks, CW tanks (yes chief after 2 years on Super test) and free exp. Also from one test which is basically and hour long you get 1 point, and one point = 5k free exp or 100 gold, and the gold scaling is not linear, there are some steps but basically at 120 points you can get 34,5k gold. Also with other rewards such as styles and tanks, you need to get 180 points and be on super test for 90 days. Till that you are getting only gold/free exp.

New things on super test: Everything you know, we know at the same time. We aren’t testing anything you wouldn’t know. So, once it hits forum we start to test it in like a day.

Also, WE DID NOT tested any of special events such as Halloween ahead of you. Same we won’t be testing crew 2.0 it will be tested internally then CT tested by you and super testers, which will make a written feedback for devs, which they will just ignore such as experimental equipment feedback 😊

So how the tests are done? Its 15vs15 training room, with predetermined tanks, 1 test = 6 games of 3 maps, so one game from each side, and players testing new tank switch after 3 games. And you are testing without field mods, prem shells, rations, with small consumables and with limited crew perks on t9 its 3 perk crews, on tX its 4. For example newest LT LKPZ is being tested against T-100LT and AMX 13 105, where rest of team comp. doesn’t really copy a random, it’s done in this format: 2хHT10, 2хMT10, 2хTD10, 1xSPG10, 2xLT10, 2хHT9, 2хMT9, 1хTD9, 1хSPG9, without any premium tanks or reward vehicles. The Ho-To was tested only against one t8 premium tank which is Skorp. Rest of tech tree tanks. Did you saw t8 mm? Try counting the number of premium tanks, I bet you will count more than 1.

Funny test things: AMX M4 54 if played with 120mm gun (meta gun Kapp), Borsig is played with 128mm gun, E100 with 15cm gun. And yes, it’s funny shooting your APs from super conq to the turret of E100 10/10 would recommend.

Testing tanks on live servers is done with 25% max of premium shells, with any crew what you like (have) and big kits + rations. That’s all, you still cannot use field mods or better equipment. So, it’s hard to test some tanks such as BZ since certain tanks profit from FM/Full gold.

From tanks, yes you can keep some of them but devs are deciding. And you will never know how/when and if the tanks will get released and on which server, so you might end up testing on EU cluster an ASIA tank (Tl-7 or Udarnyi).

You can also get a point for playing a test tank on live server its 30 games = 1 point, and it’s not stackable doesn’t matter if you get 30 or 300 its still 1 point (100 golds basically). With which you are getting yoloed and arty focused. Since everyone wants to kill a new tank. Which in fact is influencing the results with said tank, which might end up betting some buffs.

Feedback to WG. You are giving feedback in a poll system with check boxes plus you can do a written one. Where you cannot suggest alpha/penetration or armour increase/decrease.

Please just don’t get the FOMO bait, with lion or anything. It’s not worth it, same with MBT, I can tell you if you thought chiefs copula was small, the MBT doesn’t have any weak spot.

If you ask a super tester about a tank, he cannot say you anything. Only thing he’s permitted to say is “I like it/I don’t like it” so please stop asking, they wont tell you.

And for CCs, do be so quick to rush to the decisions on the tanks, in most of the cases it looks good only on paper, in reality its trash

I would love, if you can share this to your favourite CCs and streamers, so it gets more traffic and devs change finally something. Translations and using this document, is free and do whatever you want with it. (Its actually encouraged, get this to as much players as you possibly can)

12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Reddit User Leaks Information About Testing

  1. Everybody has acces to supertest
    Dosen’t mean you should put it
    If you are a colectionar probably its worth it
    But wargaming is so slow in game improvment that people come and go without seeing what truly this game is all about
    They just milk and milk and milk the final customer

  2. 48.5% win rate 🤣🤣🤣 what a joke?!
    WG community managers told us minimum is 50% and to report any players under this % as they cannot be super testers…..

    1. Tbh, supertesters should be 45-65% WR players. How else they are going to re-create random battles in their tests? They just have to make sure that their 45% WR testers are not idiots (just bad players) and can give proper feedback.
      I think tech trees like Yoh tanks or the newest BZ heavies were tested by good players exclusively. It’s noticeable because they aren’t technically bad – just under-tuned. If you are a good player, they are decent vehicles but sub-48% WR players can barely manage to do anything in those tanks.

      1. exactly . how can you test a tank by only have above average players bc if you go by the 50 percent rule the average winrate is 48.5 on NA and 48.6 on EU last time they posted the averages . Just vs tech tree tanks also wow leave all the op tanks out how is this testing anything . And NA should be part of the testing also .

      1. Only devs have sub 49%, The site you apply on doesn’t let you continue unless you have 48.5 and the minimum number of games needed.

  3. what the fuck is the point with this post? i probably understood only 10% of what he wrote because of his shitty english/translation. i read absolutely NOTHING me and the majority of the playerbase already didnt know

  4. They are obviously testing new premiums against tech tree tanks – how else they are going to make them 10-30% better than standard tanks?
    What would testing new premiums against old premiums achieve? They would be even stronger or at least on par with them. Balancing premiums against standard tanks keeps them within some limits (with some exceptions like BZ recently).
    I also don’t understand what’s your issue with testing tanks with no premium ammo. Using premium ammo is pretty much mandatory (to a degree) – what would happen if new tanks would be tested without restrictions?

    When you are testing something, you have to establish baseline for your test. This “ex-supertester” doesn’t understand that game is already fucked up because of powercreep even with testing new vehicles against tech tree tanks and with no premium ammo. He wants to move this baseline, which would only accelerate powercreep process.

  5. Why should we be surprised that they employ mongoloid supertesters?
    I mean they used russian orcs before
    Plus what difference does it make that WG supertrsters are equally useless as WG are. It’s not like we can do anything about any of this…

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