WoT CT 1.20: ST-62 Version 2 Changes

ST-62 Version 2 (USSR, Tier-8, MT, premium)
The tank was moved from tier 10 to tier 8 and changed a lot. Now it is a MT, not a LT.
Historical reference:
In the early 1960s, Mobile Vehicle Engineering Institute #100 in Leningrad developed a medium tank with the code name ST-62 Version 2. An emphasis was put on protecting the vehicle from the destructive effects of nuclear weapons (i.e., radiation and shock waves). Initially, the project suggested an unmanned turret, with the whole crew being placed in the hull. However, partners could not produce the autoloader and electronics in time, so a loader/autoloader operator was placed in the turret, as the loading process could not be fully automated. Instead of the standard viewing devices, television observation was planned to be used. Cameras were placed on the front of the hull and on the turret. Gun operation was also supposed to be remote. The tank was developed with multiple gun and engine variants. The project did not go beyond the blueprint stage.

DPM: 2,753.52
Damage: 220 dmg
Penetration: 200 mm
180 mm… at 500m (mm)
Reload time: 4.79 sec
Rate of fire: 12.52 rnds/min
Aim time: 2.40 sec
Accuracy at 100m: 0.40
Dispersion factors
… moving: 0.08 (+)
… tank traverse :0.08 (+)
… turret traverse: 0.08 (+)
Shell velocity: 1,223 m/s

Top speed: 65 km/h
Reverse speed: 25 km/h
Power: 600 h.p.
Power/weight: 15.79 h.p./t
Tank traverse: 62.58 °/sec
Effective top speed
… hard: 65 km/h
… medium: 65 km/h
… soft: 37.56 km/h
Effective traverse
… hard: 62.58 °/sec
… medium: 53.64 °/sec
… soft: 23.47 °/sec
Terrain resistance
… hard: 0.58 (rad⁻¹)
… medium: 0.67 (rad⁻¹)
… soft: 1.53 (rad⁻¹)
Gun elevation: +20°
Gun depression: -6°
Gun traverse: 33.25°/sec
Turret traverse: 54.24 °/sec

Everything Else
Health: 1,250 HP
Stationary camo: 16.53 / 3.45 %
Moving camo: 12.37 / 2.59 %
View range: 400m

14 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: ST-62 Version 2 Changes

  1. But this is just insanely broken – can get to 3.3k! AT TIER 8!!! It will kill 2 IS-3s per minute! It has to be at least tier 9! Though the rework as a Medium tank is a good idea

  2. By the current stats, this thing has a really shitty gun that can only work effectively at close range. It will miss a lot at medium range and will aim for ages at long range.
    So, 2.7k base DPM doesn’t really mean 2.7k actual DPM.
    The soft stats leave it without V.Stab, plus insane turret traverse speed makes this thing blooms out like crazy exactly like the Lion.
    Next thing to consider is how this thing should be played.
    With no armor layout yet, it is hard to judge but I really doubt this thing will have a good armor, even the turret. Plus only -6 means it is not very flexible.
    With small HP pool & small alpha, I guess it will not be easy to play in frontline with this thing, but everything it has is just telling you “be aggressive, go frontline and kill them all”.
    Mobility doesn’t look very good actually, apart traverse speed. Poor hp/t makes that top speed rather irrelevant. This thing’s mobility is no where near the Kpz07’s mobility.
    All in all, neither an interesting tank nor a good tank I would say.

  3. Lol, what are these people on this site? Everytime something just appears in test servers, they start to “OP bla bla bla…” XD
    Thank for the giggles XDDD
    I would love to see some racists reply to this =)))))

    1. Why don’t you fuck off back to your minority Asia server and leave the reviewing and comments to the grown ups

      1. Sombody is pissed because I mentioned him too accurate before he even showed himself XD

  4. I see, it’s combine with Bourassque and KPZ07RH, but version of USSR. Or we can imagine this tank’s LT-432 size XL

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