WoT ST: LKpz.70 K

The Tier X German LKpz.70 K light tank is equipped with hydropneumatic suspension with the feature of hull inclination. The standard gun depression angle is -10 degrees, but it’s increased to -17 degrees thanks to this. The hull inclination mode is activated automatically.

The LKpz.70 K is armed with a 105 mm gun with 360 HP of damage per shot. Its standard shell penetrates 248 mm of armor, while its special shell penetrates 276 mm. Its aiming time is 2.5 s, the accuracy is 0.3 m, and the reload time is 11 s. Its view range is 390 m. The frontal armor reaches 50 mm on the hull and turret.  The vehicle’s top speed is 70 km/h, and it has a specific power of 39.8 h.p./t. Its durability is 1,500 hit points.

The combined usage of the good gun depression angles as a result of the hydropneumatic suspension and the uninhabited compact turret allows the tank to fire from behind cover while hiding the hull completely, making it an unpleasant target.

20 thoughts on “WoT ST: LKpz.70 K

  1. We might be approaching EVEN 90 levels of camo here. And if tanks like this are the future of WoT Tier XI-XII are past due in terms of introduction. A massive reset of the tiers is is in order would also be in order.

  2. by 2024 WG will finally break the 1980 “barrier”
    if I am not mistaken the Char Futur 4 is already from the late 1970’s so it won’t take much, about time WG compromises to add new tiers to the game

    1. Thbat would kill the game slowly WG is doing the same mistake every game company doing the urge of milking players by adding multiple levels of grinding instead of focusing on increasing fun factor and interesting game modes.
      Eventually players will get sick of “the carrot and the stick”

      1. In regards to that, Clanwars 3.0 should be high on WG’s action list; with significant input from what organized players would like to see going forward. There’s a limit to how much they can be goaded into playing, even with the attraction of over-powered tanks.

      1. If I put a few new pieces inside a 1969 Camaro, it doesn’t magically become a 2023 Camaro, my guy

  3. 17° of depresion? damn, i see the next gimmicky tank will have a robotic arm that will take the gun to shot under cover giving it 90° of gun depresion and letting it shot without peaking

    1. Or the deathly feared “reach around” cannon. It literally reaches around and hits you in the arse.

    1. they do play german light tanks, I saw a Rhm Pzwagon about 3 weeks ago….oh, lots of us still play low tier lights, we just stop at tier 5!

  4. I sincerely hope they don’t make this a clan wars tank. I really love light tanks and having to try to attend clan wars would destroy my health.

  5. Having insane accuracy is nice, but LTs need camo than anything else.
    Consider the gun is 105mm that still looks quite small compared to the hull, this thing’s gonna be Char Mle.75’s size or a bit smaller.
    Consider how low the hull is, I guess this thing will have kind of T-100’s camo or a bit worse.
    So this thing will be a T-100 LT with no armor but it can snipe really well.

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