WoT: Steel Hunter Returns!

Are you ready to prove that you are the best of the best, Commanders? Welcome to Steel Hunter—a large-scale game event with heaps of rewards and unique gameplay mechanics. Read up on all the details of this engaging battle royale mode!

Steel Hunter 2023

30 January 2023, 06:00 – 13 February 2023, 02:00 CET

Daily Ceasefire:

EU 1-3 server: 02:00–06:00 CET
EU 4 server: 00:00–04:00 CET

Event Summary

  • You are one of 20 players fighting for victory. It’s every Hunter for themselves!
  • Choose to fight solo or join forces with a mate in a Platoon showdown.
  • Your main goal is to survive at all costs. Destroy all enemies and be the last Hunter standing.
  • Collect special objects (loot) that randomly spawn on the map. These objects contain resources, Combat XP, and Combat Ability charges. You can also pick up loot from destroyed vehicles (Spoils of War).
  • The most valuable loot type is the Airdrop. Many players will want to get their hands on Airdrops, so you’ll have to push yourself to the limit to get to them first.
  • Eight special vehicles with unique abilities will join the hunt. You will have access to three from the start, and others will be available for rent.
  • Steel Hunter has its own in-game currency—Steel Seals—for renting mighty event vehicles.
  • You’ll be able to upgrade your vehicles while in battle and get stronger with each new tier.
  • Battles will unfold on three huge maps, the playable areas of which will shrink with time. Escape the Destruction Zones that will gradually cause damage until your vehicle is destroyed.
  • The total battle time is 15 minutes. Before each battle, you can choose from several spawn points on the map.
  • You will receive various rewards for completing special daily missions.


Collect Steel Hunter Tokens  by completing special daily missions during the event and unlock valuable rewards, from bonds and credits to directives, crew retraining orders, and much more. See for yourself!

How to Start Playing

To switch to the Steel Hunter event, click the mode selection menu to the right of the Battle! button and select Steel Hunter.
You can also enter battles as a two-player Platoon.

steel_hunter_mode_en sh_platoon_en

Special Vehicles

All eight special vehicles available in Steel Hunter have different tactics, gameplay, and Abilities. Each of them can be upgraded from Tier I to Tier VII while in the heat of battle. Three vehicles will be in your Steel Hunter Garage from the start of the event, and the remaining five will be available for rent.

Combat Abilities

Each vehicle has one regular and one ultimate Combat Ability unique to it:

Temporarily increases the engine power, top speed, and traverse speed of your vehicle.
Repair Zone
Creates a temporary static area that repairs all damaged modules, removes the stun effect, and restores hit points.
Target Tracking
Temporarily reduces gun dispersion and aiming time, improves gun stabilization and fire rate.
Creates an area that reduces the dynamic characteristics of enemy vehicles.
Creates an area that reduces the dynamic characteristics of enemy vehicles.
Deploys an active minefield in the selected area for a certain period of time. Enemies can destroy your mines by shooting them.
Recovery Zone
Creates an area around the vehicle. Within this area, both the player and Platoon members restore a certain percentage of their vehicle’s hit points each second.
Stuns enemy vehicles and causes damage with bomb explosions in the selected area.
Deploys a self-propelled mine that will chase the nearest enemy and cause damage to it upon detonation. Enemies can destroy your Fireball by shooting it.
Harbinger Mk. IV
Corrosive Mist
Adds a concealment bonus to all vehicles within range of the consumable. Also damages all vehicles within its range.
Significantly boosts your vehicle characteristics and penetration, but deducts the hit points of your vehicle for a certain period of time.
Bái Láng
Acid Shell
Adds corrosive properties to the shell. Upon causing damage to an enemy’s vehicle, the shell applies a temporary effect to it, causing additional damage over time. Repair Kit removes the effect.
Battlefield Robot
Calls in an autonomous tank equipped with an Identification Friend or Foe system that will pursue and attack the nearest enemy. This tank can be destroyed.
Electric Discharge
Creates a zone where a series of electric discharges strike with high frequency. Each discharge causes damage and reduces vehicle mobility within the ability’s area of effect.
Surging Fervor
As the aiming and stabilization values decrease for a certain period of time, each penetrating hit increases damage done to enemy vehicles with shells. Damage can be increased up to five times. Hits with no damage and misses reset the damage parameter to its base value.
Ring of Fire
Envelops the enemy vehicle in a fiery aura that causes damage and reduces vehicle mobility within the ability’s area of effect.
Adaptive Armor
Instantly restores a portion of the vehicle’s hit points. Throughout the ability’s duration, all incoming damage from shells and combat abilities will be accumulated and converted into hit points. Once the ability runs out, it will restore a portion of the player’s and allied vehicles’ hit points within a certain radius, which depends on the damage received.

Additionally, there are two Combat Abilities that are common for all vehicles, as follows:

Recovery: Gradually recovers a fixed percentage of the vehicle’s HP, but stops working if you take damage.

Repair Kit: Repairs vehicle modules (analogous to Large Repair Kits) and reduces stun duration.

Vehicle Upgrade System

To upgrade your vehicle, you need to earn Battle XP by picking up loot and damaging enemies. Each level offers two modules to choose from. They change the characteristics and appearance of the vehicle right in the middle of the battle.

You can choose from various upgrades to suit a wide range of different playstyles.


Crew members are exclusive to the vehicle they come in and can’t be dismissed, injured, or sent to the Barracks. They do not earn Crew XP, and they each have Sixth Sense as a zero perk. Also, the commander of each vehicle has access to the following set of skills and abilities:



Designated Target


Smooth Ride
Snap Shot


Designated Target


Eagle Eye


Smooth Ride
Snap Shot


Eagle Eye


Smooth Ride
Snap Shot


Designated Target

Maps and Danger Zones

The hunting will take place on three maps—Dreamland, Arzagir 4.04, and Firnulfir—each with a different setting and unique game atmosphere. The scale of the battlefield is way bigger compared to Random Battles.

Dreamland is a dangerous abandoned town with plenty of space for hiding. Arzagir 4.04 is a vast desert laced with sand dunes and dried-out rivers. Firnulfir is a picturesque Scandinavian tundra that will enchant you with its northern landscapes, frozen ponds, and small abandoned settlements.

All three maps shrink with time, leaving less space to play and survive. If you’re in an area that turns orange, that means it is about to become a Danger Zone and you need to leave it as soon as possible. The fewer players on the battlefield, the less time you’ll have to escape the Danger Zone.

When a Danger Zone turns red, it becomes a Destruction Zone. You will have very little time to escape from it, as shown in a countdown. Once the countdown ends, your vehicle will receive continuous damage until it is destroyed or until you have left the Destruction Zone.

Radio Detection. All vehicles in Steel Hunter are equipped with Radio Detection, which displays loot points (Consumables and Supplies), enemy tanks, and loot from destroyed vehicles (Spoils of War) on the minimap within its coverage area. To activate it, press the X key.
Using Radio Detection doesn’t mean that your position will be instantly revealed—you can only be detected if you are within the area of ​​another player’s Radio Detection.

To upgrade your vehicle, you need to search for special loot points on the map. Once you reach these points, you will be able to collect loot that may contain Battle XP, shells, and charges for your Abilities.

There are four types of loot available, as follows:


Restores HP. Provides Battle XP, ammo, and, with a certain probability, Recovery charge.


Repairs damaged modules. Contains Battle XP and either a Repair Kit or one Combat Ability.


Contains a larger amount of Battle XP, restores durability, and repairs modules. Provides shells and one charge for each Ability.

Spoils of War

Contains half of the resources of a destroyed vehicle. Repairs all damaged modules and part of the durability.

You can collect two or more pieces of loot at the same time.

Vision/Aiming Mechanics

The vision system uses Vision Cones. Here’s how it works:

  • Enemy vehicles only become visible when they appear inside your Vision Cone, which is depicted on the minimap. Activation of the Sixth Sense doesn’t mean you will notice enemies—they must be inside your Vision Cone.
  • If enemies are within 50 meters of you, they will automatically become visible.
  • When enemies are within sight, their markers and HP bars are displayed.
  • When aiming at an enemy, the vehicle’s silhouette is also displayed.

Steel Hunter Economy

Steel Hunter has its own in-game currency: Steel Seals. These can be earned based on your position in the post-battle ranking or for completing special daily missions. You can use Steel Seals to rent special vehicles. The higher you place, the more Steel Seals, credits, and Combat XP you earn. And don’t forget that you can convert Combat XP into Free XP!

Steel Hunter will also have a permanent bonus to credits and Combat XP from WoT Premium Account and allow you to earn 50% more Steel Seals. Additionally, you can now take advantage of the following:

  • Personal and Clan Reserves for extra Combat XP and credits
  • A 15% bonus to credits and XP when playing in a Platoon

Three of the eight event vehicles—the Varyag, the Raven, and the Arlequin—will always be available in your Steel Hunter Garage. You can rent the others for free for a day, but each subsequent rental will cost you a certain number of Steel Seals. The rental time is five days.

Players will have access to Steel Seals earned during previous event. However, the accumulated Steel Seals will be nulled after the event ends.

Special Daily Missions

Special daily missions are also available in Steel Hunter and can only be completed once per day. Successful missions will reward you with credits, Steel Seals, and Steel Hunter Tokens.

You can complete missions fighting solo or in a Platoon of two.

On the hunt for more rewards? Keep collecting Steel Hunter Tokens  to get your hands on a whole lot of valuable goodies. The more Steel Hunter Tokens you collect, the juicier the rewards will be.

Steel Hunter Statistics

You can track your battle effectiveness in Steel Hunter via the Service Record → Statistics tab in your Garage. Select “Steel Hunter” from the dropdown menu of available game modes to see the number of vehicles you’ve destroyed, as well as your average damage per battle, number of wins, and other stats.

Your previous Steel Hunter event results won’t be included in the Statistics tab.

Performance in Steel Hunter

Steel Hunter will require more system resources than regular Random Battles. This is due to several key factors that are specifically related to Steel Hunter, including the large map sizes and the significant number of objects on them. Players with 32-bit operating systems and low RAM may experience some performance issues while running this mode. To avoid any problems and ensure you play with maximum comfort, change the graphics settings of your game client in accordance with the capabilities of your CPU and graphics card.

Known Issues

Simplified vehicle outlining is not availble in the Steel Hunter mode.

Good hunting, Commanders! Platoon up with your friends or go solo, and be the last hero standing!

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  1. Let’s see, did they learn anything from last year.
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    Statistics make any fun mode into a competitive tryhard mode, no mode should have them if you want your playerbase to have fun. -1 point.
    Another easy hard avoid. And that’s from a person that used to enjoy SH.

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