WoT: Experimental Equipment: One More Way to Fine-Tune Your Favorite Vehicles

Experimental Equipment allows you to personalize your vehicles even further, making them better suited to your unique playing style. This new category of equipment will be among the prizes of Steel Hunter and multiple other in-game events throughout 2023.

So, what do you need to know about Experimental Equipment?

More Bonuses to Stats, but With Lower Values

The three units of Experimental Equipment that are currently available each combine the stat bonuses of different types of standard equipment:

 Fire-Control System: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and Vertical Stabilizer

 Mobility Improvement System: Turbocharger and Improved Rotation Mechanism

 Survival Improvement Suite: Improved Hardening and Modified Configuration

Please note that one unit of Experimental Equipment won’t have the full bonus values of all of its “parent” units (that would make it too powerful). Instead, it may have 60% of the values of the first set of bonuses and 40% of another set, or 80% and 20%, etc.

In the future, we may introduce Experimental Equipment with parameters from three or more existing units of equipment, or even parameters derived from game mechanics that are not present in any current equipment.

It’s Upgradable—Twice

Experimental Equipment is upgradable. Depending on the Upgrade Level (I–III), its overall effect corresponds to a certain category of existing equipment:

  • I—to standard equipment
  • II—to upgraded Bounty Equipment
  • III—to improved equipment (“bond equipment”)

When offered as a reward, players will receive Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Level I, then increase its level by spending components. This new in-game currency is obtained by disassembling Experimental Equipment. So, the higher its Upgrade Level, the more components you will receive. The number of components needed for an upgrade also depends on the target level.

Upgrade Level I → II Upgrade Level II → III
Fire-Control System 400 2,000
Mobility Improvement System 400 2,000
Survival Improvement Suite 400 2,000
Upgrade Level I Upgrade Level II Upgrade Level III
Fire-Control System 100 400 1,600
Mobility Improvement System 100 400 1,600
Survival Improvement Suite 100 400 1,600
More Choice in Your Hands

Experimental Equipment was developed to give you even more control over the stats of your vehicles, allowing you to better adapt them to your playstyle. Experimental Equipment adds to the options that you already have due to the revised equipment system and Field Modificatiion.

Example: Experimental Equipment Use Case

Let’s say you want to do more snapshots while playing in your favorite tank. After all, a lot of tankers enjoy them tremendously, and you just can’t get enough. You love snapshots so much that you’ve mounted all of the necessary equipment on your tank, selected all corresponding Dual Modifications, and trained all relevant crew skills and perks. With the Fire-Control System in place of a Gun Laying Drive, you can trade some aiming speed for even less dispersion during movement and turret rotation. More snapshots for the god of snapshots!

There Are a Few Rules

  • Experimental Equipment has both main and additional bonuses.
    • The main bonus is the parameter that is displayed first in the description. If this is, for example, a bonus from Turbocharger, you cannot mount more of the same type of equipment on the vehicle.
    • An additional bonus can be received from other types of equipment (one or more) or from various mechanics. The additional bonus cannot include the effect of the equipment from which it was taken (e.g., the full restoration of the suspension durability after repairs from Improved Hardening).
  • Experimental Equipment has special requirements for mounting.
    • Experimental Equipment that combines the bonuses of two types of equipment will only work on vehicles on which both of these types of equipment can be mounted. For example, Experimental Equipment with the Gun Rammer bonus (main or additional) cannot be mounted on vehicles with autoloader or autoreloader guns.
    • Experimental Equipment that combines the bonuses of three or more types of equipment, gets bonuses unrelated to equipment, or has an unusual distribution of bonuses will have its own conditions for mounting.
  • Experimental Equipment does not receive an additional bonus from its slot, regardless of its Upgrade Level.
  • Experimental Equipment is not divided into classes (i.e., the same unit can be mounted on a Tier II or Tier IX vehicle if they meet its requirements).
  • For any piece of Experimental Equipment:
    • The set of characteristics will not change when Upgrade Level is increased.
    • With each new Upgrade Level, the values of one or several characteristics may increase, but they will never decrease.
  • The cost of demounting Experimental Equipment is as follows:
    • For Upgrade Level I: 1  Demounting Kit or 10.
    • For Upgrade Level II: 50  components.
    • For Upgrade Level III: 100  components.

Personalize your vehicles, Commanders! Increase your overall combat performance while playing the game your own way!

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