WoT: M6A2E1 & ISU-152K Offers

Two heavy hitters are ready to take over the battlefield. Get them now with great discounts in the Premium Shop. The VIIIM6A2E1 knows how to lead the charge and take a beating, while the VIIIISU-152K wreaks havoc with a hefty punch.

M6A2E1 – UP TO 25% OFF
Tier VIII American Heavy Tank

Damage: 320/320/420 HP
Hull Armor: 191/66/51 mm
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: –10°/20°

ISU-152K – UP TO 25% OFF
Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

Damage: 750/750/950 HP
Armor Penetration: 286/329/90 mm
Damage per Minute: 2,368 HP

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