This tank is equipped with a 120 mm gun that causes 420 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 265 mm, while the special HEAT shell can penetrate 330 mm of armor. It has an aiming time of 2 s, a dispersion of 0.34 m, and a reload time of 9 s.

The effective armor in the hull and turret front are 200 and 350, respectively. The durability is 2,200 HP. The gun depression angle is –10°. This vehicle has a specific power of 17.8 h.p./t that enables it to reach speeds up to 45 km/h. The view range is 420 m.

The MBTB has the technical characteristics to perform the role of a typical heavy tank, but its good dynamics also allow it to quickly change positions when necessary.

25 thoughts on “WoT ST: MBT-B

    1. Cant tell untill armor profile is out, it can have all sorts of weakspots.

      IMO wg should expand the game into (example) 11+ tiers and bring modern armor in. We are entering realm of MBT projects last few years (AMBT, this guy…and so on), the game is literally asking for it at this point. Reactive armor, thermal visions, bigger maps, smokescreens, atgms…etc etc, there is room for creativity. Would be dissapointed if WoT just spams IXs and Xs full of MBTs untill it dies out. What do you guys think?

      1. This totally makes sense. Even WG will find it difficult to justify throwing in WW II tanks in battles against tanks from 1960-1970 era. The game has to evolve and they have to extend the tier system before everything is ruined beyond recovery. Probably introduce new maps for tier 11+ for better balance.

        1. Doubt they will change or add tiers.
          But you never know.
          Imho they could make a wot 2.0 and go from there

          1. Certainly, be it 2.0 or split matchmaker into old tiers and modern era tier, whatever system they can come up with, anything for wot to finally move forward gameplaywise. I mean, we know for sure wg worked on such project since circa 2015 (project excalibur-apparently discarded, models of T-90, Challenger…). Thing is they are lazy (aka money talks).

      2. FV 4202, Centurion, M47-60 Patton, Chieftain, Leopard (and the 2 tier 9 prototypes) AMX30 (and 30B),the top 2 Japanese meds. MBTs are already in the game. Problem is WoT uses outdated Soviet classification systems.

    2. Look at the hull, especially at the driver hatch, it looks bad. And it looks that it has “shoulders” that can be penned easily. 200 hull armor is not great.

    3. slightly better in every category but until the DM becomes available, because it looks like it can have many weak points/shot traps with all that mixture of angles and protruding bits, but I would not hold my hopes high for that, plus the T110E5 has been struggling for years from being under-powered despite the wrong perception about the tank
      they should just add extra tiers

  1. yea kill this game wg… dont they think to add t11, t12. t13 with some real tanks would make it better then add more and more t10 hyper bluprints or “nerved” tanks squised into t8, t9, t10

  2. Same shit different have, 10 Deg depression, fucking turret bla bla bla
    The shit show continues.
    World of fucking I rape you and you rape me.

    1. That MBT-B is a bit much…this game needs Tier 11 & 12 sooner rather than later…with the most annoying Tier 10s pushed into Tier 11.

  3. Tier 10 version of Concept 1B, new toy for clan tryhards. I guess not enough are hyped by 116-F3.

  4. WG – no plans for any new tiers.
    Players – really?
    WG – have this premium tier 10 which is actually tier 12 ( and give us all your money )
    Players – okay…

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