WoT: Battle Pass – Judgement Day Offers

Battle Pass: Judgement Day
has officially launched, running until 26 January 2022!
In two weeks, you need to complete 50 stages of progression. The unique 🇺🇸T-832 tank with a 3D style is available at stage 50 of the Improved Progression.

Special event packs that can be purchased with gold:

Skynet Fighter, 5000 gold: 

• Commander Sarah Connor with a unique voice acting
• 2D-style “Step into Eternity”
• 6 “Mother of the Year” decals
• 20 personal reserves: +50% to credits for 1 hour

Perfect Weapon, 3000 gold:

• T-1000 Commander with unique voice acting
• 500 bonds
• 25 combat missions for ×5 experience

  • Packages are bought for gold and only in the in-game store (Store ==> Best).

3 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass – Judgement Day Offers

  1. when I look at the description of the T-1000 offer in-game I see no mention of the 500 bonds. Are they to be earned through missions you get?

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