WoT: Article About The Upcoming Machine Gun Tanks

source: WOT ExpressIn the plans for the next year, WG showed a premium with new mechanics in the game. No one will make unique mechanics separately for a premium tank, so 100% there will also be a branch. Let’s assume that the tank itself will be released in the winter of 2023/2024, but the branch will be released later in 2024. We asked our fellow historians to tell us (yes, there are still some in this game)“The video showed a double-barreled tank with an automatic gun, which instead of reloading has an “overheating” mechanism of the gun. This is a rather interesting innovation – we have been offering this for the LT of Czechoslovakia for a long time.

It wasn’t possible to determine this tank – neither we nor our foreign colleagues from the “Tank Encyclopedia” team ( tank-encyclopedia.com ). There are several hypotheses about its class. Most likely, this vehicle is a LT (chance – 90%), or a MT (10%): autocannons have a low caliber: 20-57 mm, less often – larger.
The nation is more difficult. First, it can be a random model, like the flamethrower Kanonenjagdpanzer. Secondly, it may be a 🇨🇿Czechoslovak tank – the color speaks in favor of this. In this case, with a probability of almost 100%, this is fiction. Thirdly, it may be the firstborn of a new nation:🇨🇭 Switzerland. We have already written more than once that this nation is rich in unique vehicles: wheeled tanks, LTs, MTs, HTs, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns could be made with ease and some classes – even in two or even three branches. This nation slightly increases the chances of the historicity of the tank.
Finally, there was a hypothesis (just from foreign colleagues) that the tank was 🇺🇸American. Historical consultants gave Wargaming a lot of materials on American technology, for example, the same Pawlack tank. The United States is rich in technology, and there the probability of the reality of the device tends to 100%.

The mechanics itself is well done – better than the existing low-tier machine guns with a huge spread. Questions about tuning – how quickly it will “overheat”, what will be the “dispersion” and “time of cooldown”.

* Part of what is shown may not be available in the RUBY-region (Lesta) due to the separation of companies.

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  1. You give them in 2022 100 euro and then they improve the game literaly 2 years later
    Jesus fucking shit
    Dogshit company

    1. First of all if you read the article carefully, you would have noticed that everything there is just speculation or an educated guess at best. This also applies for the dates stated.

      Second thing is development takes time and there are different priorities, so maybe this is not top priority in the moment and they try not to mess up this time.

      And also what do your 100€ have to do with it? I guess you bought something like boxes and didn’t send the money to the development department directly.

      But if it makes you happy, go on complaining.

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  2. Yeah, for sure!
    After the light tanks with wheels, now also with machine guns …… soon also flying ………..
    I used to like playing with the lightweights….. the passive spot and other game tactics…… now it’s all useless. FU

        1. I think we both agree some tanks are better than others.
          You spend your time effort and propably money to gring a good tank then after a few months it becomes obsolete.
          This is ridiculous and has nothing to do with git gud.
          Best answer would be “This is a how the game is designed play it or leave.”
          A side note about EBR
          A very skilled EBR player when matched up against a bad EBR player who dies early is ruining the MM tanks like strv grille which relay on stealth are forced to move constantly trying to evade the EBR u r perma spotted and cant hit the damn thing it just so fast turning too fast with ur abysmal aim time u just cant compete.
          EBR rendered not only other light tank classes useless but also many other tanks specially tanks relyingon stealth

  3. The only thing people enjoy better than playing WoT is complaining about WoT. Is WG too grabby? Yes. But that’s true of every other big-time video game company on the planet.

    As for the article, there’s a lot of double-talk there, but over the weekend I basically concluded that this was a Czech light tank myself. We shall see.

    1. Do you go to your cardiologist to get an appraisal when selling your house? Similarly, do you trust a country that has ardently supported Russia to be a worthwhile investment of your time? All companies are profits-focused, yes, but Slavic companies are especially some of the worst.

      1. Well I heard somethin about the dutch companies also… they pay bills / invoice after deadline… should they be now all unreliable? of course not… so are there also reliable slavic companies…

        1. The biggest difference between Slavic (particularly Belarusian) and Dutch companies is that the former belongs to a culture that has never formerly adopted democracy. (According to the CIA World Factbook, Belarus is a presidential public in name but in reality a dictatorship.) So no, I would not trust a non-democratic state to handle capitalist products. Furthermore, if we approximate intelligence to income (generally more intelligent people will take up higher-paying jobs), Russia clearly falls behind. The US census reports in 2021 a median household income of ~$70k[1]; Russia pales at ~$50k[2].

          [1] Income in the United States: 2021 (Semega, Kollar)
          [2] Russian American Demographics (Amerdia)

          1. Well do you know that slavs are not only Russians, Belarusian and Ukrainians but also Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and so on where democracy is for a long time. This is generalisation at its best.
            And the first question which companies are worse, IMHO their all the same. One is better, one is worse that works everywhere it’s not black and white, if you think west companies are angles you’re wrong.

            1. You are correct regarding Slavs; this is my mistake and I should have clarified. It is the Russians we must be wary of. Belarusians, too, but they are essentially Russian. (I honestly couldn’t care less of their differences. Belarusians already contribute little to the global economy, so their perceived worth is very low.)

              I will also follow up and agree with you that all companies are the same, yes. But the reason why I prefer companies in developed countries is their base level of quality is by default higher. For example, if you need lifesaving surgery, would you put your life in the hands of a US physician or Russian physician? Chances are, the former. Yes, the content of medical education is largely similar. (There’s only so many ways to teach tuberculosis.) However, it is the differences in quality that drive patients to seek care in more affluent areas. The same could be said comparing US and Russian/Belarusian companies.

              1. Mate this is the 21st Century I dont think we value our friends, allies and neighbours by their economic contributions to the global economy nor their relative economic worth…

          2. That Theranos / E. Holmes or TFT crypto are good examples of your western “attitude”…
            Second you compare intelligence with salaries of US and RU?? WTF?? Their GDP on capita is totally different…
            You want to look smart but you arent. And plus you are very intolerant and xenophobic…

            1. Given the general demographics of the game, chances are you aren’t that much smarter (if at all), let alone accomplished in any sense whatsoever. And this clearly shows as you obviously did not bother to look at my references. If you did, you would realize [2] looks at Russian AMERICANS (i.e., those residing in the states). Therefore, your GDP argument in invalid as we are comparing ethnic groups within a SINGLE country. I intentionally steered away from using international data for the exact reason you mentioned: differences in GDP per capita.

              1. No I didnt looked at your ref, sorry, but I was in my job (I am histopathologist, MD) and I first thought you was talkin about US and RU citizens in their resp. homelands – US and RU… but can you imagine how many variables are there for employment of diff. ethnic groups in the same state or same city? well in that [2] its written chinese in NY have income way less then RU, but I wouldnt say Chinese people are dumber then Russian… I still think you CANT compare intelligence of a nation to income in the SAME state… sorry maybe I dont get it but I disagree with you.

              2. ref 1 cant open… in no. 2 is also this written…
                Education (Russian-American)
                53% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
                80.3% have completed a HS Diploma compared to 67% for the foreign born population.
                Inclination towards higher education, high-paying employment and general readership.

                Being an educated community, Russian Americans focus more on post-collegiate work participation and are involved in higher-paying employment.
                67.5% are in managerial, professional, technical and sales occupations (compared to 45.6% for all foreign-born)…

    1. Are you surprised? We are at a point where players who talk on social media take it for granted that they must spam gold ammo (not true at all but mandatory to farm WN8 and gun marks, or for tanks with useless standard pen like Pz II J and T7 CC), a whole line of autocannons that need full gold to do anything won’t be the end of things.

  4. WARGAMING IS UNREAL . Machine gun tanks in 2023 2 days later oh yea probably not till 2024 , This game is a joke

    1. Machine gun tanks in 2023 2 days later oh yea probably not till 2024

      T7 Combat Car has been available since the mid-2010s, about the only thing that will be unique for these new tanks will be the heating and cooling down.

  5. Dude, don’t embarrass yourself. Delete the mention of “Zinovy ​​Alekseev”. This is an ordinary Russian Nazi, who support rusky`s warcrimes, he does not even hide it. Also, this clown is blacklisted by Wargaming and historians of armored vehicles such as Pasholok

      1. I don’t think being Russian equates to being a racist and toxic twat, it seems to be pretty common among the noisiest people on the internet (regardless of nationality, political creed or religion). It’s almost as if being like that has become the new standard for being a “tough guy”.

        1. https://vk.com/right_politics_club?w=wall-196201754_173
          An example of his post, in his own group. The same is about BLM, etc. In personal conversations, he does not disdain to spread rot on the French, Americans, Ukrainians, Jews, etc.
          P.s. Oh yes, how do you like the background picture in his group, does it cause any associations?
          Tough guy?- no, it’s not about him. Rather climbed into all the cracks to be heard. As a result, he quarreled with the historians, for people from WG he is non-handshakable person.
          The blueprints are draws to him by some dude from Belarus. Also, this “historian” has already been disgraced with drawings 6 times or more, then he didn’t know whose country, he could not distinguish.
          Found photoshopped pictures and mistook for real drawings and announced with pathos that HE had found new armored vehicles.
          In the Tank Encyclopedia haven’t figured out who he is. because he behaves quietly and only distributes his inadequate in the ru-segment, because he knows. That such a “genius” will be quickly thrown out and he will lose access to the drawings 🙂

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