WoT: Coming Soon – Exciting Events, a New Map, and Much More!

World of Tanks celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2022, and it was a compelling, eventful year for our game.

We added a new branch of Italian tank destroyers and launched Arcade Cabinet, a platform for experiments and weekend battles with non-standard rules. You had the opportunity to test yourself in Onslaught, explore new maps in Recon Mission, go on an adventure in Pumpkin Bash, and join Random Battles in the legendary Waffenträger auf E 100.

To improve your gameplay experience, we also introduced new matchmaking rules for wheeled vehicles and SPGs. Also, the Sixth Sense perk became a special feature for all vehicle commanders. All that and much more has been done together with you—many thanks to everyone for your support and feedback!

What’s Next?

We have big plans. Ahead of us is the next stage of work on vehicle rebalancing and adding new vehicle branches to the game. In the Recon Mission mode, we’ll continue to experiment with settings and maps, as well as introduce unusual rules. A new location will be added to the map list for Random Battles, while the existing maps will constantly be improved.

All the features you’ve enjoyed will be continued and enhanced. Spectacular game events await—including Onslaught, Frontline, and Steel Hunter—and will be launched several times a year.

Starting from February 2023, we’ll be launching detailed content on upcoming features and game events. There really are a lot of plans, so stay tuned to find out all the details and share your feedback!

But for now, we hope you’re enjoying the cool rewards and festive atmosphere of Holiday Ops 2023. Together with our incredible celebrities, we plan to continue bringing you many more wonderful surprises and memorable moments!

The holidays always come to an end sooner or later, but World of Tanks stays with you all year round! Good luck in Holiday Ops, Commanders!

Don’t miss your chance to replenish your stock of gold, days of WoT Premium Account, and other goodies through the current event—it’ll come in handy in the upcoming year!

16 thoughts on “WoT: Coming Soon – Exciting Events, a New Map, and Much More!

  1. Nothing about ranked I see…still…some interesting stuff there; particularly that auto-cannon armed AFV at the end. Maybe once we get stuff crashing in game we’ll get smoke…which more and more strikes me as one of the major lacks in this game.

    1. Pretty sure onslaught is gonna just be a full time replacement for ranked, they just wanted to do live server testing before committing to it and switching rewards and things over. Which is honestly a good thing cause fuck ranked, now there’s a reason to do team play and not just sit around and try to farm as much as possible while actively screwing your team over just so you can guarantee a gained chevron.

    2. Maybe we will finally get more automatic-armed vehicles like in AW. I just hope they add more historical vehicles.

  2. I ve been waiting for exciting news since 1.0 dropped in 2018. It was long wait but finally, here we go. Its not only new tank or new map this time. Took ages.

  3. Wow looks like they finally pulled their head out of their ass and they make interessting new things ( hopefully not further breaking the game)

  4. nice
    2 for 3 of the Blitz exclusive lines I would like to see in WoT PC, the one remaining being the British light tank line, maybe by the end of 2023 or early 2024…

  5. An update stating there’s some new things coming but not what it when. So effectively not an update.
    Almost as useful as saying tomorrow will have some weather….

    1. It’s crew 2.0 minus all the bad things, single commander that you train all the skills on, allowing vehicles with small crews like the Progetto 65 to get the same amount of skills and perks with the same amount of effort as something like a lot of crew like the E50m, as well as having one commander trained for 3 separate vehicles so you don’t need to train up 3 whole crews for your vehicles. All the crew that gets combined into the one commander also seem to give you a bunch of crew books, probably cause it’ll end up resetting your progress on the crew and they wanna give you that exp back so you can train them back up to the level they were at previously.

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