9 thoughts on “WoT: Oyster Bay Map (pre-release)

    1. I reported you to the police. That’s unacceptable to write such a shit comment. And yes, the police can track you even though you are anonymous

    2. Argentina you were all smiles
      cos you thought you had the Falkland isles
      but when our mighty fleet approached you
      Argentina you lost your asshole

      You thought you had a grip of iron
      all around South Georgia island
      but when your heard the advancing marines
      you latin whoress where nowhere to be seen

      Argentina what have you got?
      Argentina not a feckin lot
      the general Belgrano with a hole in it
      Argentina you’re a load of shit

      Galtieri you ‘re a fairy
      sitting there in Buenos Aires
      when you heard of the para’s attack
      a big yellow streak wen’t right up your back…

  1. There was a load of bloody faries,
    In Buenos bloody Aries,
    With greasy hair and sweaty bums,
    They’d never heard of Bonningtons,
    It were a different culture and a different race,
    No chippies in bloody place.
    You can keep that poof ardilles
    ‘Cos we’re going to have your Malvines.

    Time to sort them basterds out,
    Costa Mendes lives in fear
    Of real men who can hold their beer.
    Sing hey hey hey the lads are on their way,
    With their bayonets and their tommy guns

    Let the bitter flow, nuke ’em till they glow…
    Hey up, hey up, hey up, hey up.
    Fray Bentos and cheap red wine is all they eat in the Argentine,
    But after a scrap with the English Navy,
    They’ll ask for the recipe for chips and gravy.

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