WoT CT 1.19.1: New Supertester Tanks With Description

The following vehicles have been added for testing by Supertester players:

  • Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK.
  • BZ-58-2
  • Type 5 Ho-To

— In the mid-1960s, under the influence of the Swedish Strv S, West Germany started working on turretless vehicles. One of the projects was named the Projekt 07 HK. German engineers took the gun outside, and the suspension allowed the vehicle to incline its hull and increase the gun depression angles. As additional armaments, two 20 mm automatic guns were provided. The distinctive features of the vehicle were the crew capsule and cameras for a better view range. No prototypes were built.

A German tank destroyer with Siege mode. The distinctive feature is its well-sloped frontal armor. The additional protection not only increases the survivability of the vehicle, but it also makes it more versatile in battle.

Siege mode and a low silhouette

— Development began in the late 1950s under the concept of creating \”frontier-covering tanks.\” The distinctive feature was the combined hull: Its frontal armor was cast with large upper glacis slopes, while the rest of the hull was welded. One of the design versions was to mount a large cast turret, in the development of which the Chinese engineers were obviously inspired by the experience of their Polish colleagues.

A Chinese heavy tank with a unique combination of a reliable turret, powerful gun, and depression/elevation angles unusual for vehicles of this nation. Its well-armored turret means this vehicle can take advantage of terrain irregularities.

A large-caliber gun and reliable turret

— From 1942, Japanese engineers began to take an active interest in German tanks in general, as well as in their components. By 1943, a large amount of materials was accumulated, which served as a basis for creating their own projects, one of which was the Type 5 Ho-To heavy tank destroyer.
Its very powerful armament allowed it to hit any American tank, and its thick frontal armor provided reliable protection from most tank destroyers. The presence of such a vehicle would have significantly strengthened Japan’s defense potential, but its development began too late. It existed only in blueprints due to the war ending.

A Japanese tank destroyer with outstanding mobility and maneuverability, equipped with an excellent armament. Its combination of combat characteristics allows you to confidently take key positions on maps for full control of the battlefield.

An accurate gun and excellent maneuverability

17 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.19.1: New Supertester Tanks With Description

  1. Type 5 Ho-To doesn’t exist in history. The name Ho-To is used for the 12cm-class SPG based on Ha-Gō (Type 4 Ho-To).

    1. I’m just happy that Japan is finally getting any love at all from WG. :'(
      “But gais, its Type 5 Ha-To so its not trying to be the Type 4 Ho-To!!1”
      (That’s not how the design names work WG…)

      Also, I think they’re trying to say its using the 12,7cm/40 Type 89 AA gun.

    1. Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed as well: “What the fuck is the black sun doing there? Why is this here? WTF?!”

  2. So, we get a german Stridsvagn TD, another russian copycat heavy and a japanese Jagdtiger. Look at all the fucks I give:

    1. Russian copy cat
      It’s a chinese 50tp copy paste
      You are very good at reading and using your eyes, aren’t you?

      1. You two dumb blind fks ;’)

        The chn has a turret from a fake Pole tank. The jap’s a complete fake. But the swede/german td is a LITERAL copy paste. Nothing is different about it but the nation.

  3. “Its very powerful armament allowed it to hit any American tank”

    Ummmm…. what does power have to do with accuracy, unless they are talking about distance? Shouldn’t that have been “Its very powerful armament allowed it to damage any American tank”?

  4. The amount of people getting their panties in a twist over the clan symbol is hilarious. It’s a clan symbol from Total War: Attila, go see for yourself. People scared of their own shadow and immediately freak out, it’s amazing.

    1. That’s because the left wing mantra is to claim freedoms but ban everything they don’t agree with 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Pity we’re going to get forced onto the new crew dynamics, which will only aid pay to winners to keep winning.

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