WoT: M47 Iron Arnie Review

The valuable Holiday Ops 2023 Large Boxes are great fun to open and offer bountiful rewards, including the all-new VIIIM47 Iron Arnie !

Large Boxes guarantee 250 gold, both random Holiday Ops resources and additional resources, and a Premium Tier VIII or IX vehicle that you don’t already own. We briefly introduced the three newcomers, but now it’s time to take a closer look at the real star of our brand-new headliners, created in collaboration with one of our celebrity guests!


The best way to flex your muscles in the VIIIM47 Iron Arnie is with its potent 105 mm firearm. The excellent 230/300/53 mm penetration values let you punch 230 mm holes with Armor Piercing (AP) rounds and 300 mm holes with High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) projectiles. The 320 HP of damage ranks well within its tier and means you can exchange fire with most fellow medium and some heavy tanks.

Move and fire freely with smooth dispersion on the move and turret traverse speeds that will keep opponents on their toes. The 10 degrees of gun depression will let you rain fire on enemies from high ridges and vantage points.

But beware—the accuracy isn’t pinpoint and the overall DPM isn’t brutal, so you won’t want to sit back and snipe. Be wary of the longer-than-average aiming time too. Plan your attacks, shots, and movements wisely, Commanders!


Like every medium, this tank can defend itself and fend off attacks. Still, some compromises have been made in terms of armor. The excellent spaced armor on the turret looks pretty impressive and protects well against incoming HEAT shells, while the hull’s reinforced armor offers steely resistance against cursory enemy barrages.

Nevertheless, most of the armor is around 120 mm effective, with noticeable weak spots in the frontal armor, cupola, and rear. So, once enemies figure out where to aim, it’s best to find cover, using the terrain and map obstacles to your advantage.


With this latest addition to your Garage, you’re unlikely to spot, catch up with, or hide from every enemy, so it’s best to play to your main strengths and use your fearsome firepower to get you out of tough spots when needed.

Its decent power-to-weight ratio means you can reach the 40 km/h top speed easily on medium and challenging terrain. The vehicle can prove a little sluggish on some inclines, but compromises must be made when you’re hauling around that trusty, yet weighty firearm. That said, you shouldn’t struggle to maneuver into position as you plot your next move.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Turbocharger Gun Rammer Vertical Stabilizer
Improved Aiming Gun Rammer Vertical Stabilizer

Crew Skills


Brothers in Arms


Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms

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How to Get the Vehicles

The VIIIM47 Iron Arnie is one of the most valuable goodies available from the Large Boxes 2023, which also contain other Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and more. In addition to guaranteed Holiday Ops resources and gold, every Box may include a Tier VIII or IX Premium tank. Head to the Premium Shop to purchase Large Boxes for a chance to park this brand-new medium in your Garage!

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