WoT In-game store: 🇨🇿 ShPTK-TVP 100

As was announced in the previous article, the offer is for the ShPTK-TVP 100.

Price: 17810 Gold.

From December 2, 2022 to January 9, 2023, there will be six limited tank offers for gold in the in-game store. The first is the Soviet Object 274a. Offers so far:

Object 274a
360 days WoT Premium Account

17 thoughts on “WoT In-game store: 🇨🇿 ShPTK-TVP 100

  1. Any more leaks from that Polish blog about whats coming next week? They got this one bang on.

    Edit: That polish website states its going to be Chrysler K and 50TP Prot for a 15% discount from 19th to 23rd. Which is odd as that’s for the work week slot. No mention of next weekend offers.

      1. You cannot really convert the price in Gold anymore. Sure, if you buy the gold in the Shop and then spent it in the ingame Store, yes, this works.

        But most people will have Gold from the Lootboxes. Which is far cheaper than 70 bucks.

      2. No, actually Seb shouldnt have put the inflated large pack price of 17.8K gold here. No one in their right mind should waste their gold and money like that. The tank only (with garage slot) is 9500 gold, which is not $70, and is a very standard T8 premium price in this game.

  2. I think all offers are gone because it’s chrysler and it’s sold at 50tp.looks like there are no other special offers left

    1. I got it from the last Battle pass chapter. I like it so far, because it can 3 shot a Borat with HE (100mm pen)

      1. Agree, it was the best recent BP reward being sortof easy to grind. It’s a fun tank and is better than a skorp for me. SU is slightly better, but YMMV.

        This holiday has been best for ftp actually…aside from these ingame gold offers. I’m sure caravan is around the corner….

  3. I needed a little more gold for tvp, but I had 31 boxes left in my warranty car for the big boxes. I planned that if I buy 28 boxes and 3 boxes, I will buy both my gold and a guarantee tool and make a profit. First I bought 3 boxes. I opened it before buying 28i and in the 2nd box ambt appeared. I bought both free tanks and tvp without buying 28 boxes

    1. Nice! Luckiest holiday loot for me, got 7 tanks with 80 loot boxes. Total slot machine, but gold is garaunteed.

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