WoT: Extra Informations About The Upcoming Chinese Heavy Tanks

An early nerf came in the form of the removal of HE guns from 🇨🇳China’s high-tier HTs:

Right before the Common Test, from tier 9 and tier 10 WG removed the separate high-explosive guns altogether. Prior to this, in all iterations the guns were present.

Thus, 🇨🇳China’s new branch left only the premium with a high-explosive gun. Are these tanks interesting now? Mechanics remained, but…

The number of rocket accelerators remained the same for all new tanks.

How much experience is needed to research the new 🇨🇳Chinese HT branch with rocket boosters (for all tanks!) in update 1.19.1 WoT.

The numbers are shown if you research everything only directly, skipping unnecessary modules in a thorough way.

tier (name) = how much exp only the tank costs itself to research separately / the amount with the previous value and modules if you go directly, skipping unnecessary modules.

7 tier – (BZ-58) = 56,000 exp.
* this experience can be accumulated in ADVANCE for tier 6 🇨🇳Type 58. The branch opening comes after the TOP engine.
8 tier – (BZ-166) = 96 400 exp./184 900 exp.
9 tier – (BZ-68) = 169,000 exp./388,000 exp.
10 tier – (BZ-75) = 249,000 exp./692,000 exp.

  • 692,000 exp needed after everything is researched, starting from the tier 7 🇨🇳BZ-58 itself, but you can save 56,000 experience on 🇨🇳Type 58

Release: mid-January 2023

Source: WOTexpress

7 thoughts on “WoT: Extra Informations About The Upcoming Chinese Heavy Tanks

  1. Absolutely had to do this…you get people who know what they’re doing, like clan warriors in platoons, and it gets crazy fast. The only reason why it hasn’t gotten crazier is that too many people don’t know what they’re doing with this tank. It’s like auto-loaders in that you need a lot of self-discipline and be able to think ahead. Not to mention that people see a BZ and everyone on the red team tries to focus them down early.

  2. Thank god that they removed the derps.
    Or at least the silly-calibre ones; the tier 10 still has a 152mm gun, but only 650AP/840HE alpha.

  3. I don’t think they removed the HE guns from the new Chinesium tanks for good, I would rather say they are re-evaluating their statistics. They’ll probably put them back in, likely in the next iteration of the Common Test. I assume this because the current placeholder guns are absolutely boring and we already have at least three or four branches of heavy tanks with a similar firepower progression throughout their grinds.
    The jet boosters provide interesting tactical opportunities (for instance, rushing the hill on Mines doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea in these heavies), but beyond that, those tanks are quite bland stat-wise. At least in their current configuration.

    What I noticed is that the tech tree tanks have quite pronounced weak spots on their turrets, and while there is unfortunately no armor model available on tanks.gg yet (at least I can’t seem to find one), I did notice during gameplay that at least the T10’s two cupolas were green in the penetration indicator. So they seem quite weak indeed, those spots.

  4. Dude again all the try hards win. This game adds more boring lines every patch . Wow they have boosters this will be another unplayed Chinese line . Way to go wasting your time on this WG

    1. As in real life where the minority are the only heard voice (we need female superheroes She-hulk, Bat woman, The rings of power, etc, etc to spread THE MESSAGE), WG only hear the tears of the FTPs.
      Totally another redundant line, totally wasted time and effort by WG, nerfed by tears before it even went into a battle.

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