WoT: BZ-176 Review – The Pioneer of a New Branch

The Large Boxes from the Holiday Ops 2023 event are filled with exciting treats and surprises. Among the colorful 3D styles, heaps of gold, and plenty of credits, you can also find brand-new Premium vehicles wrapped into the New Year, Christmas, Lunar, and Magic Boxes.

We’ve already introduced you to the three newcomers here. Now it’s time to go into more detail and highlight their unique features, plus give you some crew and equipment recommendations.

One of this season’s holiday treats is the VIIIBZ-176 , a Tier VIII Premium Chinese heavy tank. Let’s take a closer look at the first of this unusual new branch of heavy tanks and its unique jet booster mechanic.


The VIIIBZ-176 is armed with a mighty 160 mm cannon that causes 650 HP of damage with standard AP shells and an incredible 800 HP of damage with special HE shells. These outstanding values put the newcomer in the top spots for its tier and class. However, such a mighty punch comes at a cost.

Only 208 mm of penetration with standard ammunition and 225 mm with HE shells cannot hold up against other tanks of its class. The tank’s shell velocities of 860 m/s (AP) and 760 m/s (HE) are not suited for long-range engagements or moving targets. Moreover, the long reload time of 25 seconds leads to average DPM values of 1,560 and 1,920 HP/min, respectively.

The BZ-176 is clearly not equipped for fighting from a distance, but it’s great for close-quarter brawls with blows to enemy turrets and sides. This fact is underlined by its base dispersion of 0.46, a decent value for large calibers but far from accurate. The 160 mm gun can outmatch up to 53 mm of armor, allowing critical hits where other tanks wouldn’t stand a chance.


The VIIIBZ-176 is a heavily armored brawler that’s perfectly suited for front-line assaults and close-quarters combat. The strong hull and well-sloped turret armor make it easy to deflect shots from same-tier and even some top-tier vehicles. Additionally, the gun depression reaches –10 degrees, an outstanding value for a Chinese tank, allowing you to better hide the roof with its two cupolas from large-caliber opponents. But keep in mind that the gun extension pivots out when depressed, which can create an additional weak spot for tanks that approach at an angle.

Lastly, the BZ-176 is firmly in the middle of its class and tier with 1,550 HP. It’s nothing to brag about, but enough to reliably reach the end of the match.

See how the BZ-176 fares against another large-caliber heavy hitter using the Tankopedia comparison tool: BZ-176 vs. Caliban.


Neither the VIIIBZ-176 ’s power-to-weight ratio nor its top speed of 30 km/h is very impressive. But this is no surprise, given its amount of armor. Luckily, this is where the jet boosters comes into play. Activating this new mechanic increases the engine power and pushes the top forward speed to 45 km/h for the next 10 seconds. However, steering and reverse capabilities are significantly impacted, which limits your maneuverability.

The boost is available from the start of the match and can be used in multiple ways—from getting a potentially dangerous but worthwhile headstart to quickly traversing dangerous areas, and from leaving the line of fire to rushing to an ally’s aid. It has great potential but is limited to only four uses per match, so choose carefully when activating it.

At the start of a battle, the boosters will take five seconds to load and prepare for use. Once activated, the BZ-176 will receive a brief boost. After that, you will need to wait four more seconds for the mechanic to recharge.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening Gun Rammer Vertical Stabilizer
Turbocharger Gun Rammer Vertical Stabilizer
Crew Skills

Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms


Brothers in Arms
Hover your cursor over the images for more information about each crew skill or perk.
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How to Get the Vehicles

The VIIIBZ-176 is one of the most valuable goodies available from the Large Boxes 2023, which also contain other Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and more. In addition to guaranteed Holiday Ops resources and gold, every Box may include a Tier VIII or IX Premium tank. Head to the Premium Shop to purchase Large Boxes for a chance to park this brand-new heavy tank in your Garage!

Check out the complete list of fantastic Holiday Ops 2023 rewards available in Large Boxes (including five exciting Tier VIII and IX Premium vehicles), and keep an eye out for more reviews.

10 thoughts on “WoT: BZ-176 Review – The Pioneer of a New Branch

  1. Joke of a tank to play with and to play against
    Gg WG
    Dont streess about it, basicly if you have that type of day at RNG you basicly miss every shot
    Tier 9 and tier 10 are a dream to pen
    Enjoy your dogshit tank tho

    1. It’s got vipera written all over it, broken upon release and then when the actual tech tree branch comes out it gets completely outclassed by the tech tree vehicle and everyone forgets about it and goes back to playing more well rounded vehicles like the renegade or the progetto 46.

      Give it like a month and you’ll only end up seeing one every few games or so, especially when all the holiday time gamers stop playing till the next big update/holiday event comes around.

  2. PAY WG more IDIOTS, they REALLY need your money. Every time I see these in battle I laugh my ASS off, and mostly they lose the game. Money well spent…

    1. I got it but didnt buy boxes to get it I needed the gold and it was good value for money I dont play it because its a joke tank maybe fun to hit 1-2 big shots but thats it u miss most of shots and spend so many credits not worth it..
      Why need gold for many things skip shitty tanks in tech tree for an example.
      Someone has to pay the bills lol but I wouldnt this tank as fun its very unreliable specially against higher ties

  3. WG have to make these op because if not nobody will buy it.
    I have hundreds of tanks why do i need another one?

    1. Its NOT OP, its highly situational, people cry when they get side penned with its prem HE, I laugh when they do 100 damage and not penning me…. money well spent…

  4. This is the first year that I wont be spending money as the BZ is an absolute gimmick. Many other tanks approached the gimmick threshold but this tank blew past it. Bad for the game.

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