15 thoughts on “In-game store: Object 274a

    1. It’s too slow for Frontline, if you want to bring a premium medium play Progetto or Bourrasque.

      1. I take my astron rex, but I make more money in pubs with it doing two clips worth so I don’t bother with frontline much.

    1. Not really, with only 1200 HP, any mistake vs nowaday HTs which have huge alpha will be catastrophic, especially when you have a weakspot right above your gun.
      This thing is not bad but not good either. It’s just a little above average simply because of the excellent APCR pen.
      Ask 10 people do they want to play with the LIS or 274a? There will be no surprise.

      1. It actually plays like a heavy, just in places where mediums go. It would need more than three equipment slots though, health is too low and ground resistance is awful.

      1. @Amphetamine_Logic – You should be a stand up comedian… people will pay money to see you shit out a tier 5 tank, and laugh as you struggle with your non-funny jokes while doing so.

        Grow up or say something actually funny beyond your adolescent poop jokes…

        1. @Amphetamine_Logic if you put at much effort into you’re battles as you do here you might progress on from your bot level win rate

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