WoT Supertest: BZ-58

The BZ-58 is a Tier VII Chinese heavy tank.

The BZ-58 is the first tank in the new branch of Chinese heavy tanks that you will meet after its release on the main servers.
It’s armed with a 100 mm gun with an average damage per shot of 320 HP. Its standard AP shell penetrates 195 mm of armor, while its special APCR shell penetrates up to 240 mm of armor. Its Gun Dispersion is 0.42 m, the aiming time is 2.7 s while the reload time is 10.5 s.
The vehicle comes with 1250 HP with a frontal turret armor of this vehicle reaches 230 mm, but its hull is protected more modestly: 70 mm in the frontal projection.
Regarding its mobility, the BZ-58 has a top forward speed of 35 km/h and a reverse speed of 12 km/h. Its specific power of 13.6 h.p./t doesn’t allow for outstanding mobility, but keep in mind that the BZ-58 is a heavy tank with the jet booster mechanic*. The booster effect can be used up to three times with the given amount of jet fuel.

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