16 thoughts on “WoT: No Advent Calendar This Year

  1. I guess gold is officially becoming worthless. Tech Tree Premiums? Either have them or don’t need/want them. Black Market or Assembly Shop or whatever? Way too overpriced. Camo? Looks better IMO, but why would I buy this when I have like 20 unused styles. Chaffee the Dog? Haha, hell no. Guess I can use my 11k gold to demount equipment now. This years Holiday Ops is becoming a greater rip off every day

        1. That is a totally different game now.
          Different tanks, different mechanics, it’s not even called world of tanks so why don’t you read and use brain moron.

          1. Mir Tankov literally means Wolrd of Tanks. How about you at least use google translate you fucking piece of shit.

  2. if they have realy abandoned it, they can basicly say goodbye to world of tanks christmas donations

  3. i dont understand why wouldnt they want to take back the gold ppl get from the boxes, which is way less than it was few years back btw

    1. 99 euro 2 premiums and 26k gold, you could have been worse, 2019 from 25 boxes i got them all, this year they were greddy like the last 2 years

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