WoT: Holiday Ops 2023 Known issues

This is the list of known issues in the Holiday Ops 2023 event. If you encounter other problems, please submit a ticket to WG.

  • The camera shifts up in the Exterior screen when selecting an application area with a customization item selected.
  • The card interface that lists all of a player’s friends’ Villages does not display the banner that informs about the probability of a long update of the list when searching for friends.
  • Interaction with the Holiday Ops bonuses section is possible through windows opened in the Garage (e.g., Chat, Personal File, etc.), meaning players can get to the Holiday Ops interface in nonobvious ways.

  • If a player’s ice rink is unlocked (i.e. , cleared of snow) but their friend’s ice rink isn’t, then, when visiting said friend’s Village, NPCs will skate through the snowdrifts on the uncleared ice.
  • When using the minimum screen resolution, the resource exchange pop-up window is occasionally displayed covered by the interface when the player clicks an area beyond this window.
  • If a player skips the animation for receiving the reward vehicle from the Gift Terminal, two audio tracks are played simultaneously for a short time.
  • There is no dynamic status update for players’ friends’ cards (e.g., their Festive Atmosphere Level, the number of visits to the friend’s
    Village, etc.). It is displayed correctly only after a manual update of the list by either reopening the screen or changing the friend list.
  • The markers of the decorative objects and resource collection can be clearly seen through some interface elements of the Garage.
  • System messages are displayed on top of congratulatory screens without a background (e.g., for completing missions or for purchasing items for Assignments).
  • When a player quits the screen of opening multiple Boxes, the interface on the Box storage screen occasionally disappears if the player has received new Boxes during the opening process.
  • The number of resources in the pop-up exchange window is not dynamically updated, and interaction with the new values is not possible until the pop-up window is reopened.
  • There are situations in which the hair color of both celebrities may randomly distort.
  • When quickly switching between the tabs of the Holiday Ops menu, the interface of the items in this menu occasionally disappears. When switching to other navigational tabs, the display goes back to normal.
  • Hovering over and selecting the player’s vehicle and the vehicle offered for purchase is possible through objects in the Garage.

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