WoT RU: Flamethrower Tanks Q&A

Briefly about the test tank

The test implementation is based on the project of assault equipment designed to attack bunkers. The selected tank is not considered the final model of future technology but a model for testing new mechanics. For testing, we chose the Kanonenjagdpanzer model, which, in our opinion, after strengthening the frontal armor, will be as close as possible to the actual tank.

Questions about mechanics

Is it possible to damage several vehicles at the same time? Within the framework of the prototype, the implementation of a shot is similar to a machine gun burst. Accordingly, when breaking through the armor of an enemy tank, each individual hit = causing damage. All damage can be “pour” into one tank or distributed over several.

In general, this concept is likely to continue.

Can be there 0 damage hits? Yes, this is possible. The flamethrower and a high-explosive projectile have similar mechanics.
Will the +-25 rule apply to the mechanics of damage from a flamethrower tank shot? Yes, this is a system rule.
How will damage by modules (both internal and external) from a flamethrower tank be calculated? This aspect is under detailed study.

In fact, the mechanics of damage distribution by modules will be conditionally similar to the stun from an SPG shot.

Will it be possible to knock out the crew by inflicting damage on an enemy vehicle with a flamethrower tank shot? Yes, it is possible to completely destroy the crew even in high-level tanks. Of course, the smaller the crew size and the less armored the tank, the easier it is to do this.
Is it possible to cause an explosion in the ammunition rack of an enemy tank? Yes, there is such a possibility.
Will a flamethrower tank shoot down tracks? Yes, it will.
How will the mechanics of fire damage work through various obstacles? (destructible, indestructible, etc.)  The jet of fire will not have a separate mechanic of damage through an obstacle. Destructible obstacles will “absorb” part of the damage units and will be visually destroyed; indestructible obstacles are an insurmountable barrier to a jet of fire.
Will the “stun” pass through obstacles, relatively speaking, like a stun from self-propelled guns when shooting behind a stone? After the final revision of the mechanic, this will not be possible.
If an ally gets hit by a flamethrower tank, will they be damaged, or will they get stunned?  After the final revision of the mechanic, this will not be possible.
How will the stun mechanic from a flamethrower tank work?

If you remove the stun effect with a first aid kit, can you immediately get it again?

The stun will be active at the moment the jet hits and briefly after it.

There are plans to improve the mechanics of the first aid kit and repair kit so that they give time when re-stunning / damage is impossible.

What objects on the map (trees, grass, fences, etc.) will be able to burn? Initially, additional environmental destruction effects were not planned.

Perhaps they will be added to the game later.

What will the detonation of the ammunition load of a flamethrower tank look like?

From the point of view of logic and historicity, will the flamethrower tank itself be more prone to fires and explosions of ammunition?

The ammunition load of a flamethrower tank is tanks with fire mixture. The chance of detonation is very small, since it will not have ammunition in the standard sense.

The chance of arson will be noticeably higher due to the large size of the tanks.

Can a flamethrower tank deal damage to itself?  No. We also plan to remove this mechanic from other tanks.
Will the damage from the fire jet be applied along its entire length or only at the final point of impact? At the endpoint of impact.
How will the damage be done if the tank is in the water? Damage will be dealt when it hits the surface of an enemy vehicle.
Will the flamethrower tank be damaged if it drives over the left flame? No, it will not.

Questions about the matchmaker

Will be there any restrictions on the number of flamethrower tanks in a battle? Yes, the same restrictions as for self-propelled guns and wheeled tanks will apply.
How many flamethrower tanks can go into battle as part of a platoon?

Will there be platoon restrictions on these vehicles?

The restrictions on the number of tanks of this type in battle are the same as for self-propelled guns.

Yes, it will, since the flamethrower tank is a support vehicle. Accordingly, there should be those in the platoon who need support.

Do you plan to make a mirror balance, i.e. if one team has a flamethrower tank, then the second one should also have it? We are considering various options, but at the moment it is difficult to say exactly how this will be implemented.

Questions about in-game achievements

Will there be marks on the barrel? Yes, but not in the usual way, since the barrel of the flamethrower tank is short.
Will it be possible to take the “Bombardier” award on a flamethrower tank?

* The reward is given for the destruction of at least two enemy vehicles with one shell.

No, you won’t be able to get the Bombardier award, because from the point of view of the system, a stream of fire is perceived as a burst of hits.
Will it be possible to complete stun missions from campaigns on a flamethrower tank? No. To perform such tasks, a restriction on the type of equipment (SPG) will be added.
Will the campaign tasks be reworked in connection with the planned change in the mechanics of stunning? Yes.

Other questions

Is a full-fledged branch / branches of such machines planned? Yes, there are such plans.
Should we expect other mechanics, such as multi-turret or two guns of different calibers (like Maus)? Not excluded.

However, there are no such plans in the near future, since development resources, unfortunately, are not unlimited.

What type of class will the flamethrower tank belong to? Flamethrower is a weapon type, not a vehicle class. In other words, the equipment on which the flamethrower is installed can belong to different classes.
When will we see these changes in the game?  These changes are in the plan for 2023.

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      1. wot ru

        That’s all I’m gonna say, cause that’s all you need to know about why flamethrowers are being added to their server and why they’re gonna be the way they are.

  1. Just to confirm flame tanks will not be appearing on EU.
    This is Lesta Studios development in RU and is not part of WOT.

    1. Bullshit! It is exactly the the same company with the same devs. All publicity stunts can’t obfuscate that, just to try to avoid sanctions. Fuck all belaruZZkis and send all of them home in zip-bags! 😊

    2. Yeah, like how Chinese TDs (which are 10000% fictional and don’t really add anything new to the game) were only in the Chinese server, ran by Kongzhong.This lasted for around a year, so maybe Flamethrower vehicles will come to EU/NA/Asia in early-mid 2024.

  2. No multi turret support… What tje funk…?

    “Can a flamethrower tank deal damage to itself?”

    No. We also plan to remove this mechanic from other tanks.

    ….. So a worse version of the new HE mechanic…

  3. Community: So flames can destroy (maybe melt 🤔) tracks?? And deal damage when the enemy is in the water? Perhaps the water gets so hot (but doesn’t vaporize) that the tank starts melting.
    WG: WoT is an arcade game, not a reality simulator.

  4. I guess when this grand idea arrives on our local server the Churchill based Crocodile flame tank will be a fair way down list of implementations because of… well politics I’m guessing. I mean why start with one if famous tanks.
    Imagine being tracked and burnt to death by a slow Churchill. It’ll be like Kenny running over John Cleese from ‘A fish called Wander,’

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