24 thoughts on “WoT: “M47 Patton Improved” Themed Pillow

  1. Oh lol. We get a themes pillow onm the M47 Patton Improved…
    Without an actual M47 Patton in the game. Lol.

  2. Junk tank
    Just like super percing was but this gets tier 10
    If it had a better reload it was worth the gold

    1. What a clueless pigeon.
      This tank is the new fcking beast that WG intentionally created to milk the fck out of their whales.
      Gun is accurate enough for close to medium range fights with 0.34 at its maximum. DPM is low yes but 320 alpha will make up for it. Good stabilization, insane penetration and good shell velocity. This gun is no joke.
      Mobility is fine for a frontline tank.
      The highlight of this thing is its armor, ridiculous armor for a tier 8 tank. One of if not the easiest armor layout you can ever ask for.
      If that’s not enough then you have -10 gun depression. I truly can’t see how it can go wrong with this freak of a tank.

      1. Oh yeah sure
        Its better to fight with a low dpm tank but hey it has 320 alpha wow
        Cs lis just pisses on it
        Your argument is irelevant

        1. Another clueless pigeon =))))
          As someone who has 3-marked the LIS like 3 or 4 times, I can assure you that LIS is a great all-rounder but it can only frontline against clueless pigeons like you.
          When you fight someone at my skill level? You will get slapped hard straight in the face.
          You should be grateful that I tell you this, comparing statistics of 2 tanks with different playstyles is just stupid =))))))

        2. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t even notice that it was you the same clueless pigeon. My bad =)))))

            1. Another clueless pigeon thinks EU/RU are the best servers.
              Oh yes it is, because there are so many clueless pigeons like him making a ton of mistakes so he can farm them thinking he outplays them like there’s no tomorrow =))))
              How possibly he may know that the smaller the server, the more experienced the players.
              It’s just impossible for him to understand why, sadly.

            2. Come and try playing at the asia server for at least a day, and try not to cry when you get bullied by a player with only 5k rating

    2. Preferential MM is irrelevant when, with how the MM currently works, 9 out of 10 matches will be against Tier 8 or Tier 9 tanks.

  3. So, we have the low tier junk, BZ-176, and now M47. Other possible candidates could be WZ-111 6 and CS-52 C, which have been worked on recently.

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to this year’s boxes, hopefully WG doesn’t screw it up.

          1. Probably not udarnyi, the normal 259 would most likely be the tank we get over it, they tend to keep named vehicles with different stats for more special events like the trading caravan, and besides the normal 259 is way better than the udarnyi cause it’s much much faster and has a way better 122. If weegee was gonna stick either of those in the lootboxes this year, it would be the one that is objectively better so it sells more rather than the one that only has armor going for it.

            1. They are slightly different in how they play – Object 259A is more mid-range, Udarniy is an in yo face assault tank.

              I would like to get one of them though, the tank is pretty much Object 260 at Tier 8 with full premium economy. Hopefully we get it in the loot boxes.

  4. GIFTD? I don’t know anything about green clans?! Must be shit like PBSJ, OM or all these clown clans today, who consider 2.2k average DPG and 2500wn8 topkek rerolls xD

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