WoT ST: Type 5 Ho-To

Type 5 Ho-To: The First Tier VIII Premium Japanese Tank Destroyer

This vehicle is equipped with a 127 mm naval gun, which uses so-called semi-AP shells with thinner front walls and a large explosive charge. When compared to typical AP shelled, semi-AP shells have slightly reduced armor-piercing values but, upon penetration, cause higher damage to enemy vehicles. The standard shell causes 500 HP of damage and is capable of penetrating as much as 265 mm of enemy armor. The special shell causes up to 570 HP of damage and can penetrate 230 mm of armor. The use of this shell type significantly increases the vehicle’s DPM.  It has an accuracy of 0.34 m, an aiming time of 2.3 s, and a reload time of 12.4 s.

I know at least someone would be super excited to finally see this coming.

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    1. I hope for it but it can be the same premium as Shptk TVP first CZ premium but no tank line for CZ TD

  1. I can understand, and in some way expected, them making things up at this point in time, HOWEVER the Type 5 Ho-To was a real tank and it was not this thing

    the very least they could have done is follow the Japanese nomenclature and use the next available designation

    we know that Ho-I (1st assault gun), Ho-Ro (2nd), Ho-Ni (4th), Ho-To (7th), Ho-Chi (8th), Ho-Ri (9th) and Ho-Ru (11th) were given to actual projects

    someone once explained to me that Ho-Ha (3th) and Ho-He (6th) would not be used to avoid mistakes from being too similar

    duplication of terms would also not happen so no Ho-Ho (5th), just like no Ke-Ke (light tanks), Chi-Chi (medium tanks), O-O (heavy/breakthrough tanks) etc

    this means they would be left with Ho-Nu (10th), Ho-O (12th) and subsequent designations (>13th) that have not been linked to any project so far

    then again you can find online a couple of drawings that were not designated under this nomenclature, those are supposedly simplified casemated versions of the Chi-Ri
    «チリⅡ型固定戦闘室» = «Chi-Ri type II fixed fighting compartment» (2 variants)

    based on the number of road wheels they should instead be based on a Chi-To hull and the Blitz team seems to have come to the same conclusion using those as the basis for their Tier 7 Chi-To SPG (variant 1)

    1. It’s WG so that’s why they are retarded. They’ve been doing retarded things in this game for years now and it’s very unfortunate.

    2. To be fair, there seems to be confusion on whether that thing was called Type 5 Ho-To or Type 4 Ho-To, so who knows. It’s still fucking stupid though.

      As for the Ho-Ha, that was the designation of a halftrack.

      1. it has been a while, maybe 2 years, so the details are a bit hard to remember, but I believe the person that replied to me, in a comment, also mentioned that designations already used outside that system would not be used

        there are plenty of exceptions of vehicles not following the same nomenclature
        the Type 1 Ho-Ki was a fully tracked APC, the Type 4 Chi-So was also a fully tracked APC but those use different types of nomenclature
        later the Type 5 Na-To, which was built on a Type 5 Chi-So, also did not follow the assault gun/gun tank nomenclature

        either way besides the Ho-Ha there is no known vehicle that used the “missing” designations, at the very least the Ho-Nu (10th) because we do know the Ho-Ru (11th) did exist and those are supposed to be listed by order of date of design

        1. That’s assuming they aren’t saving those designations for the tech tree vehicles of course, but it’s still incredibly frustrating they are using a real designation for a fake vehicle. Did you find any definite conclusion on the Ho-To Type 4/5 debacle? I could not find one myself.

          On the topic of the other designations, don’t forget some of them came from the name of the vehicle, like with the Ta-Se.

          1. assuming the line comes to the game and that the Ho-Ri’s will be the top Tiers, then I think they are simply trying to fabricate a alternate history where this thing was designed before the Ho-Ri’s to “appease” the small percentage of the playerbase who may know a little bit more about IJA AFVs
            since they probably have absolutely no intention of adding IJA glass cannons (Ho-Ni, Na-To, Ho-Chi, Ka-To, etc) the Ho-To designation became “available” for them
            as for the Type 4/5 it is indeed very obscure, much like the Ho-Ru

            1. It’s more likely that they don’t want to add low-tier vehicles. They have been like this for years and it’s been annoying since. Note how we didn’t get any italian TD below tier 5 despite there being several vehicles capable of going there.

              As for the actual line, given how they butchered the Ho-Ri’s in WoT Blitz, I don’t have much hope. I just want us to get the Ho-Ru and the Ho-Ni I and III at least.

              What I was asking was if you knew whether the correct designation for the Ho-To was Type 4 or Type 5. I have seen it referred using both designations.

              1. Ho-Ru is a perfect Tier 3 gift tank
                Ho-Ni III, with a what-if modification with the gun from Chi-Nu Kai/Chi-To, fits Tier 5

                Ho-To is unlikely to appear but its gun could be added as a stock gun for a Tier 5 TD, IRL its shape-charged ammunition was said to be able to defeat 120mm of armor, which is equal to the penetration of the Swedish Tier 5 TD

  2. Well this MAY actually get me back on WoT. Been dreaming of IJA TDs for a lot of time but left WoT cause it was impossible to play with my old tanks. This may be something worth for a comeback.

    1. Can we please not ask for autoloaders all the time? We need more interestinf single shots. The last thing the game needs is more autoloading 5 minute games.

  3. SU-100Y scaled up to a tier 8, the gold ammo that’s more damage less pen mechanic, the bigger punch for it’s tier. Overall an interesting vehicle, I just hope it’ll actually be balanced and not more broken trash by the time it releases.

  4. Only weak ruZZki cocksuckers need this weebo-weirdo shittanks. Especially with a fucking anime crew in it. 😀

  5. The Type 5 Ho-To was an SPG with a 12 cm gun based on the Type 95 Ha-Go chassis, very few was built. https://i.imgur.com/2I5Vlzz.jpeg

    The one showing here looks incredibly similar to the Type 5 Ho-Ri II tank destroyer except the real design was based on the Type 5 Chi-Ri chassis and didn’t feature the sloping armor.

    They could not at least give a better name for a fake tank instead of making it confusing with the real tank that actually named the same ? lol

    1. if you check WoT Blitz you will find something called Chi-To SPG at Tier 7, that was based on a couple of drawings that have been circulating online for a long while
      «チリⅡ型固定戦闘室» = «Chi-Ri type II fixed fighting compartment»
      for vanilla WoT they decided to strengthen the hull by adding slope
      the Chi-Ri prototype had 8 pairs of road wheels on either side while the Chi-To had 7, just like this render and the drawings
      if the “Chi-To SPG” comes from Blitz to WoT vanilla/PC, logic would make you think they would use the 2nd drawing to render a stronger/improved Chi-To SPG that fit Tier 8 rather than making this mess, but logic is something they have been lacking since a long way back

  6. I simply don’t care about historical accuracy. It’s a game anyway.
    This thing does look quite nice. Huge alpha with superb penetration or even bigger alpha with okay penetration. It’s gun handling for that kind of alpha is pretty good. The tank is not slow with good traverse/reverse speed. -7 gun depression is okay and it looks like it will have some armor, although it will get overmatched + tracked by pretty much everything for turning just a bit.
    Quite an interesting tank.

    1. haven’t seen any comment complaining about being fake or not historically accurate, only saying it would be easy for them to avoid giving it a “name” that was already used for a real project during WWII

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