WoT ST: BZ-58-2

BZ-58-2: A Tier IX Chinese Heavy Tank

This heavy is armed with a 130 mm gun that causes 520 HP of damage per shot and can penetrate 250 mm of armor with a standard AP shell or 303 mm with its special APCR shell. It has an accuracy of 0.37 m, an aiming time of 3 s, and a reload time of 17.2 s.
However, the vehicle is not particularly impressive in terms of armor. The front turret armor thickness reaches 230 mm, while the hull has poorer protection: 70 mm in the frontal projection. The vehicle’s durability is 2,000 HP. Its top speed is 30 km/h, and the specific power is 13 h.p/t. The view range is 380 m.
The BZ-58-2 is a Tier IX Chinese heavy tank. The vehicle features a well-protected turret and good gun depression and elevation angles (-8 / +20 degrees), allowing you to take advantage of the terrain and use hull-down tactics. The drawbacks of this vehicle will be its maneuverability and long reload time of 17.2 s.

8 thoughts on “WoT ST: BZ-58-2

  1. Hmm, another Chinese clone.
    I wonder who will want to play with this thing when we have 50TP with higher alpha and better mobility.
    Meanwhile Chinese HTs are known for their really good DPM + big alpha + 340 HEAT.
    This thing looks quite poor and boring at the same time.

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