WoT: Time for Black Friday Specials!

Available from November 24 at 06:00 CET through November 28 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

Grab gold discounts on Premium vehicles Tier V–VIII and credit discounts on regular vehicles Tier V–X. The improved conversion rate for XP into Free XP (1 gold= 40 xp) will speed up your research progress and unlock modules and regular vehicles on the tech tree.

  • Experience to Free Experience conversion (1 gold = 40 XP)

  • 50% credits discount on equipment

  • 50% credits discount on consumables

  • 50% gold discount on Garage slots

  • 50% gold discount on customization

  • 50% credits discount on all regular Tier V vehicles

Does not include the Semovente M41.
  • 30% credits discount on all regular Tier VI–VII vehicles

Does not include the Pawlack Tank, Semovente M43 Bassotto, M-II-Y, and SMV CC-56.
  • 15% credits discount on all regular Tier VIII–X vehicles


Does not include the M-III-Y, SMV CC-67, M-VI-Y, Controcarro 1 Mk. 2, M-V-Y, and Controcarro 3 Minotauro.


  • 50% gold discount on Premium Tier V vehicles

  • 30% gold discount on Premium Tier VI–VII vehicles

  • 15% gold discount on Premium Tier VIII vehicles

Enjoy these special Black Friday discounts, and make sure and check out our other offers and specials!

12 thoughts on “WoT: Time for Black Friday Specials!

    1. Thanks but i need your real World of Tanks nickname here, if not we can’t send you the gold/premium tank of your choice.

  1. I don’t know what your problem is with me , but you need to get help homie , you are trying to scam people with ur “amazon prime t54 mod1 missions” where someone else buys you the tank by talking mad bullshit in wot dm’s , another funny thing is that you are trying to impersonate me here on this website with my nickname and clan tag? 😀 i hope you stop this fucking bullshit you keep doing because you wont get shit from anyone doing this

    1. Emilotto, actually you were the one guy who threatened me to buy you a T-54 First Prototype and a Bat Chatillon Bourrasque saying that your brother is a WG worker called Zerim17 or something like that. I hope you and your clan members stop trying to scam and blackmail people to get free premiums or i will have to contact a real WG worker who is a good friend of my uncle and show him all the proofs me and a lot of players have against you and your clan. Have a good day, stop blackmailing people and please go seek medical help.

  2. LOL, why are retarded scams everywhere these days?
    Is anyone stupid enough to fall for this kind of behaviors?
    I truly can’t understand why people are doing such braindead things, but it’s actually hilarious =))))))))

  3. Sebastianul, the next time you delete one of my posts i will tell to WG Support that your website allows SafeBoost ads, which in fact will force a closing time to your stupid news website. Capisca?

  4. Seb, can you please reestablish Emilotto’s and iain11’s messages? I need them for the Support Team as proofs of rigs. Thank you beforehand if you can reestablish them or make an Imgur gallery.

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