6 thoughts on “WoT RU: Flamethrower Tank Gameplay

  1. The most braindead gameplay I will ever see in my lifetime, roll up to a tank and just hold the fire button without needing to aim at all to do like 500 damage to a heavy tank. Fitting for the RU server and the mouth breathers who stayed on it instead of jumping over to EU I suppose.

    1. Such an interesting and we’ll thought out comment. Because 150m range and exposing yourself like that is perfectly fine to never die…..

      Cherry picking upsides.
      Not mentioning or understanding drawbacks.
      Or that it is a first test….

      Mouth breather

      1. The point isn’t to cherry pick, it’s to point out how bad of a mechanic it is and how it’s not needed. People already hate bleeding HP to HE and arty splashes, they also really hate stun mechanics, so what baby brain mofo would think a tank with the ability to roll up to the flank, brawl like any other decently armored vehicle, and just farm 500 HP in one click while making the crew of the vehicle he’s shooting at have temporary down syndrome is a good idea. That kind of gameplay has ridiculously low floors with an equally low skill ceilings and historically tend to be toxic and bad for the game cough arty cough. And before you comment about me saying decently armored, go check the other article that has it’s current test stats.

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