WoT: Final Frontline Launch Of The Year

From November 21 through November 27: Frontline returns for its final launch of 2022! Engage in epic, same-tier 30v30 battles, and earn top rewards (including bonds) with one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks.

20 thoughts on “WoT: Final Frontline Launch Of The Year

  1. This needs to be a permanent mode.
    What other modes are there?
    Random battles and that’s it.
    Every other mode had been a failure.

    1. it would be nice but wargaming is a greedy company that only thinks on short term succes not the long terms

    2. thats a bad idea, a big part of the community does not like this mode, me included, without rewards and limited time it is condemned to die slowly which is what usually happens with the mode even with the rewards.

      1. No rewards except best credit maker mode in the game, but I guess that’s not enough for lots of people that don’t consider having fun in the game …

            1. Get good and you will realize you profit way more and the fun is unmatched. Poor map design is always the solution for people with absolutely 0 understanding of the battle to complain.

                1. I love frontline because ez credits farm … so im a bot with just 110x 3rd gunmarks feels bad

                2. Yeah, I am 58%, 2340+ WN8 player/bot who only enjoys Frontlines, and hates Randoms. Grow up man (mezfi). If you don’t like FL, that’s fair, play Randoms, but don’t make stupid comments like this.

      2. Stop lying majority of the players actually like Frontline they didn’t like it when tier 9 was introduced in Frontline

  2. FL is the only reason I haven’t uninstalled the game. Randoms suck balls, and I am tired of Randoms after 10+ years. Same garbage mode over and over. FL is way superior and should be a standard mode. Sure, don’t cancel Randoms, so anyone who doesn’t like FL, can play Randoms. To anyone who opposes FL as a standard mode, whats your problem?? just play Randoms… But for us who like FL, we have no option to play FL except 3 weeks a year. This is BS.

  3. azq1997 – if you don’t like FL, which is fine, you can play Randoms all you like. We who like FL over Randoms, however have no choice but to play the POS Randoms, which I am done with after the same garbage for the last 10+ year. The game sorely needs more variety in game modes, and Randoms are tired for old players like me.

  4. I don’t understand these assclowns who complain about frontline. Don’t like it then don’t play it.
    I don’t play random battles because the entire mode is trash. I’m a decent player not some 49% bot.

  5. Plz make FL a year round option 🙂 i dont need to worry about being chat banned in FL. AND i can actually e joy grinding my bank account to buy my next lines. I cant stand random battles, im not good at them, but i do extremely well in FL for some reason.

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