WoT CN: Trading Caravan Is Back!

On November 11th the rarest in-game items with amazing discounts will be available exclusively for CN server players.

Drops are varied: Personal Reserves, Crew Manuals, Rental Tanks, Silver, Gold, Standard and Improved Equipments, World of Tanks Premium Account Days, 2D and 3D Styles, Unique Premium Tanks.
2 new Premium Tanks will be included:
The CS-52 C has a unique mechanism for switching engine modes.

The WZ-111 model 6 heavy tank has excellent maneuverability and an excellent turret.


Like before it is possible to refresh the deals for an unlimited number of times. The first 3 refreshes per day are free, and each subsequent refresh will cost 100,000 credits.

It is unknown whether EU/NA/RU servers will have similar events in the near future.


11 thoughts on “WoT CN: Trading Caravan Is Back!

  1. christmas events are 1 step away
    if they do this now
    basicly they will suck balls, better do it after or put the tanks in the christmas calendar and u will have better selling resoult than this

    1. Because CHN has pretty much every premium tank on sale, including the rarest ones. AFAIK you can buy the Chieftain Mk6 in the CHN web shop.

        1. Go ask around before throwing kid insults, what people want the most is a Chieftain branch, and the Mk6 would be the Tier 10 for it. Instead it’s currently a premium that’s only available on CHN.

    2. Because the CN region is run by Qíhû 360 (formerly by Kongzhong) and got pretty much free reign in terms of premium tanks.

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