WoT EU: CS-52 LIS, LT-432, and Type 62 Offers

CS-52 LIS | LT-432 | TYPE 62

Check out the impressive VIIICS-52 LIS , VIIILT-432 , and VIIType 62 , and pick them up from the Premium Shop until November 17 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

CS-52 LIS,

Underneath the warm and approachable Fox Fur 2D style, the VIIICS-52 LIS is a ruthless predator. With 320/320/420 HP of alpha damage, 2,000 HP of damage per minute, and excellent special shell velocity, its fangs and claws are razor sharp. Decent turret armor and gun handling make it a versatile creature that is eager to get involved, no matter the situation. Use its 50 km/h top speed to create superior positioning and reach key ridgelines first to take advantage of its 7 degrees of gun depression.

Tier VIII Polish Medium Tank

  • Damage per Minute: 2,000 HP
  • Penetration: 208/252/53 mm
  • Aiming Time: 2.3 s


Great flexibility and strong characteristics make the VIIILT-432 one of the best Tier VIII light tanks and a staple of a strong team. With a low profile, great camouflage values, and a 70 km/h top speed, it performs the duties of its class to a high standard, only lacking top view range. As well as being a sneaky passive scout, it has a threatening offensive side with a strong 2,076 DPM and good gun handling, plus fast shell velocity. The vehicle also has 1,100 HP and an armor profile that truly stands out among its peers.

Tier VIII Soviet Light Tank

  • Damage per Minute: 2,076 HP
  • Top Speed: 70 km/h
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: –7°/15°

Type 62,

The VIIType 62 was the second Chinese vehicle on the battlefields of World of Tanks, and its 1,963 DPM remains among the best for Tier VII light tanks. The vehicle’s camouflage values and 390 m view range also stand out, while its decent accuracy serves as a foundation for offensive charges. It can slip through enemy lines with its low profile before unleashing a good rate of fire to cause major disruption.

Tier VII Chinese Light Tank

  • Damage per Minute: 1,963 HP
  • Top Speed: 60 km/h
  • View Range: 390 m

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