18 thoughts on “WoT: List of TOP 30 Credit Makers and Wasters

  1. lowe has the highest credit rate in the game and it is not in the list, i cant take it seriously even more looking at tanks like progetto 65 and t95 there.
    Also patriot has one of the best income values since the ammo is so cheap and it has very good pen.

    1. According to the reddit post this list was compiled from 30k (I think) recent replays from wotreplays, wich means that tanks that are played more often seem to be overrepresented. And there’s probably only great games in the data as noone would upload a 0 dmg game. So while informative, this list probably isn’t perfectly accurate.

      Also, according to wot-life the average damage in the Patriot (~1k) is significantly less than that of the Renegade (~1.3k), wich probably explains why the Renegade beat the Patriot while maybe technically having lower credit earning potential on paper.

  2. These numbers are amusing, they show what the average Chiefturd/Bobject player is like. Clearly it’s not enough to drive with an OP tank, it needs OP boosts (gold ammo, food) as well.

    Shame on these clowns, good job turning Tier 10 into an even worse cesspool.

  3. Why on full dataset are other tanks in the top 30 as on TAP? for example bisonte is nr.1 > m-iv-y > ebr 75 > and between su-130pm and t-34-3 are : is-3A > TS-5 > Defender > is-6b and after t-34-3.
    Why there is another top 30 on TAP compared to full data?

  4. now i am even pleased since I bought the Renegade + cat 3d camo, doing enough battles to see how much credits i make!

  5. The best credit earner is a tank you perform well with 😀

    Why does he compare premium and non premium tanks???

    Left side – tier 8 premium. Right side – tier 10 non premium

    From no replays you can get serious data set…there is too many variables included.

    Simply stick to your fav tank.

    It is like: How to safe money for food? – Don’t eat!

    1. It is interesting to see an AVERAGE.
      Average means the middle between variables…

      And you see who pays most/what does cost the most to drive.


      Why don’t everyone here compile a list that is 100% accurate for everyone and every map and tank?

      Perhaps because it isn’t just not easy but impossible?

  6. Best tank to do damage is the one who doesn’t take much and gives alot
    simple as that, other things are just bullshit

  7. Of course Cobra’s on one of the biggest credit sinks, so many people think the gold ammo is the magic I win button, when the reality is it’s more often than not worse than the HEAT and 4x the cost.
    But yeah, fairly useless source for the data.

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