WoT EU: Monthly Rundown November

November is arriving with a number of exciting events, including the final Frontline launch of the year, Black Friday discounts and missions, and much more. This will also be your first opportunity to get a favorite content creator from the latest Monthly Drops campaign!

From November 4 through November 7: Go on the offensive and complete simple, repeatable missions to earn large consumables and Personal Reserves.


Large Consumables

From November 5 through December 5: Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers with two new Top of the Tree specials. The first focuses on a line of stealthy Swedish tank destroyers, featuring the XStrv 103B and its unique Siege Mode mechanic. The XM48A5 Patton is the star of the second special and the gem of the American medium tank line, which also includes other community favorites, like the M4A1 and “Easy-Eight.”

On November 5 and November 6: Tune in to the Official English World of Tanks Twitch channel for thrilling battles in the Clan Showdown Finals Streams. On top of all the great tank action, you can also earn guaranteed Twitch Drops rewards the longer you watch.

From November 9 through November 16: Commemorate the heroic men and women who fought in the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century with a special Remembrance Day Garage. Complete missions for consumables and Personal Reserves, and take advantage of an XP bonus for the first win of the day.


+200% to Crew XP and Free XP for 1 hour

From November 18 through November 21: Share your love for your crews with consumables, Personal Reserves, XP boosts, and up to 50% gold discounts on crew items.


Crew consumables

From November 21 through November 27: Frontline returns for its final launch of 2022! Engage in epic, same-tier 30v30 battles, and earn top rewards (including bonds) with one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks.

From November 24 through November 28: Take advantage of mega discounts, and complete a series of missions for plenty of rewards, including large consumables, Personal Reserves, and the Black Friday 2D style.


Black Friday 2D style

Ongoing Activities

Until November 4: The Pumpkin Bash event will boil and bubble like a magical cauldron. Come one, come all… And enjoy heated PvP revelry and some nice prizes, as well as the first coven crew of witches in World of Tanks!


Until November 20: Face players with equal ratings and find out who’s the strongest in Onslaught, the new competitive game mode for World of Tanks. Battles take place in the 7v7 format in Tier X vehicles only. Join the Season of the Griffin to earn unique rewards, including a progressive 2D style that will highlight your achievements.


Until November 30: If you haven’t already, make sure to get your Well-Deserved Reward for 2021 before the end of November. Alongside the usual in-game goodies, you’ll also receive special Tokens that can be exchanged in the in-game Store for your favorite items.


Until November 25: The list of instant rewards traditionally includes a brand-new 2D style and customization elements. This time, however, you’ll get more than just a fancy wardrobe. Instead, these are more like a set of charms to keep yourself safe in battle… You know, just in case. After all, who knows what might happen on All Hallows’ Eve…


Until November 28: Monthly Drops: Commander Edition will bring you six weeks of regular weekly and weekend missions for 55 Twitch Drops tokens. Then, finish off with a colossal final week, featuring Regular Drops and the chance to earn 45 tokens! That’s a total of 100 tokens, so you can get two commander packs and even more items. Don’t miss out on this special edition of Monthly Drops, and take this opportunity to earn plenty of tokens and unique rewards!


Until November 30: The latest Battle Pass Season is shining a spotlight on the XAMX 13 105 , the X60TP Lewandowskiego , and the XProgetto M40 mod. 65 . Complete Chapters to earn heaps of rewards, including Bounty Equipment, unique crew members, and progressive 3D styles for the Season IX Core Vehicles.


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