WoT Supertest: Another BZ-176 Nerf

BZ-176(🇨🇳China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters)

• Aiming time: from 3.07 to 3.36 sec
• Dispersion at 100 m: from 0.40 to 0.44
• Shell velocity of 1 (AP) projectile: from 900 to 860 m/s

19 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Another BZ-176 Nerf

  1. Cool stuff. Remember, unless they make a. Drastic policy change they can always buff it. But can never nerf it.

      1. The nerfs or their policy on not nerfing premiums? Because I think the policy on not nerfing prems is ridiculous, and I own most of them. Prems should get nerfed if necessary. It’s healthy for the game.

        1. Nah premiums are premiums but meta and their gameplay is changing no need to nerf, besides without meta game is boring

              1. Which is hilarious, as I said I was basically a whale, but I care for the health of the game. A healthy game means more fun for all, regardless of your spending level.

                Of course I stretched my purchases out over the 10 years I’ve been playing- but still.

                1. I quit the game because WG does not want more light players in the game apprently.
                  Every patch they nerf the maps for scout perspective, less spot for TDs = less spot damage for the light

                  Worst of all is other players still think this changes are good, when its removing the will for other players to play

        2. Prems should get nerfed if necessary. It’s healthy for the game.

          This is true, and World of Warships nerfs premiums where needed so not sure why it cannot happen in World of Tanks (but then I remember what happened when Progetto 46 lost the gun rammer and the loud crying from the players).

          Still, WG’s policy is to make the better premiums scarce and hard to obtain (see AMBT, EBR 75, etc.), so they sell more when they do become available. Ultimately it’s a question of marketing, not game health or balance – WG does not care about the latter, otherwise we would not have gold ammo.

            1. I don’t understand myself, but WG claims AMBT is overperforming, which is why it has not been sold since the auction that introduced it (I was minutes too late, otherwise I would’ve been able to get it).

  2. The wave of nerfs makes me believe this thing’s going to be a marathon tank, if it was meant to be the big selling point for a crate it’s way too mediocre for that by this point.

  3. Yeah because rolling 200-700! Instead of consistent 490 is somehow had?

    Grille got .3 with incredible handling and 750 dmg.
    Oh but ARMOR you say.
    BADGER i say.
    Turret you say
    Caern i say :))

    Having those kinda stats makes it unplayable. They can think of other ways than that.
    Like this it’s in ur face or nothing and even that ain’t a guarantee you succeed given reloads and heavy RNG. In fact you might still miss up close.

    Paying 45$ for having a miserable time

    I for once pass.
    Been there done that.

    Try playing Caliban.
    Worse than Kv2 with broken gun and dead gunner but +2 tiers. Imagine that. Oh and 2* shot leaves you with a dead reloader too so better don’t use it! So the one thing it had going is basically useless…. Fun!

    And now they sell sluggish crap with a booster to make up for it…just so you can miss point blank and die all alone reloading forever.

    Wanna bet they see 5 days of action and end up Perma Garage?..

    1. I love my Caliban. You’re not doing 2-3k damage at least in an average game? Change your equipment. I run bounty stabs, turbo, and vents. You also have to micromanage the long game with what type of ammo you use and when to use it save your second shell. What tanks you can bounce- etc.

      You can also lob shells over rocks at long range like arty. Zoom out.

      Technically the Caliban is a light tank that carried actual nuclear ammo irl(classified as a heavy in-game and has it’s top speed limited), which makes it even funnier when you make it to the top of the hill first and “scout” the first enemy with a big boomstick.

      Try using the limited speed gears for pulling out to make a shot. And move your turret as little as possible. Rely on punishing enemy mistakes and using your teammates to create possibilities.

  4. Thought about buying it before the nerf, now there is absolutely no way of that happening. The aim time alone is a huge turn off.

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