9 thoughts on “WoT: ST Tanks Seen On Live Servers

  1. I saw a BZ-176 Chinese Tier 8 Rocket tank being tested yesterday. It was from a 47% player and he didnt do too good but did manage to do a 690 hit on a Char Futur 4 (before the Char got him).

    1. its funny because lately the supertesters you can find on battle are so bad.
      When they were testing vipera i found one with 43% and 3300 of rating so yeah.

    2. Rather good idea
      a good player can do good in any tank – or even very good
      but a shit one, if he performs well, its clearly OP :p

    3. So WG claim about only having 50% players as EU supertesters is BS.
      Even the WG employee Dwight said any supertesters below 50% should be reported 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Christmas loobox fillers, most likely. December is right around the corner and Battle Pass will be ending by the end of November.

  3. Amusing, this posts highlight the rare sightings for me, while I’ve seen the char mle supertest tank about 10x as often as these 2 (frequently doing badly… because it’s bad.)

  4. seen M47 Improved once….and to be honest i thought it was added to the game already ….. with the rate they are pumping premium tanks into the game I kinda lost track

    1. You only need one premium which is whatever the latest meta one is
      The rest can just be sold as they not worth playing again.

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