WoT ST: BZ-176 Changes

(China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters)

The tank has undergone massive changes. Previously, it completely relied on HE shells. Now it uses the usual set of shells (AP/HEAT/HE).

• Dispersion during Movement (max): 0.20 (6.00, 10.50 at boost) to 0.20 (6.00, 9.00 at boost)

• Max. forward speed when accelerating:  52.5 to 40 km/h

Standard AP shell:
• Armor penetration: 230 mm
• Armor penetration at 500m: 218 mm
• Shell velocity: 900 m/s
• Damage: 650
• Damage Per Minute: 1627 DPM
• Damage vs. modules: 203
• Shell cost: 1740 credits

Special HEAT shell:
• Armor penetration: 290 mm
• Shell velocity: 550 m/s
• Damage: 650 
• Damage Per Minute: 1627 DPM
• Damage vs. modules: 203
• Shell cost: 7200 credits

Standard HE shell:
• Armor penetration: 75 mm
• Shell velocity: 550 m/s
• Damage: 1100 
• Damage Per Minute: 2754
• Damage vs. modules: 200
• Shell cost: 1450 credits
• Radius of damage: 3.66 m

4 thoughts on “WoT ST: BZ-176 Changes

  1. Wow WG realized that after they fucked up the HE, derp gun taks became trash? The whole line needs some serious rebalancing to make them worthwhile to research.

    1. The smaller guns are actually fairly balanced for how the rest of the vehicle’s stats are, it’s just the big durp guns are kinda shit cause it’s a big durp gun.

      Was kinda hoping they’d leave the option to run the big gun on this one with like a 130mm alt that you can run instead, like how on blitz you can choose which gun you wanna use on tankenstein.

  2. This puts the whole line into question. Are the larger guns going to be “grind guns” like the big howitzers on Type 4 and Type 5, stuff to slog through and then forget they even exist?

    Still, I dare say this was inevitable, but also worrying. Caliban should’ve provided valuable data on how this kind of tank (big gun with poor stats and high alpha) worked after WG killed HE as a viable ammo type (any self-respecting Caliban loads full gold AP unless they’re top tier vs Tier 6 and 7), but I guess I expected too much.

  3. I would like Wargaming to do their best to balance the special bullet in the game.
    And completely remove -2/+2 matchmaking.
    Those two changes Wargaming should balance.

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