22 thoughts on “WoT: Pumpkin Bash Mode Community Feedback Form

      1. I’m sorry, do you deny that ? You want to tell me that they didn’t do ALL that Nazi Germany did, and more !?πŸ˜†

        1. Ukraine literally have a NAZI squad, the Asov Battalion. Russia is pulling an America by invading another country’s legitimate territory to “save” them from extremism. Ukraine and the west in general have indeed become left wing fascists but that gives no right for Russia to invade. Same reason USA had right to invade all the numerous countries during the “war on terror”, which later turned out to be a war on those who did not want to use the petro-dollar.

          1. Another deluded looney fool sniffing hard on meth fumes & creeping out slowly from the rotting woodwork when it’s cold damp and dark and importantly safe, like most Trolls

          2. I don’t care if Ukraine has a few degenerates, and if we start talking about Nazis, ruSSia has those too so if ruSSia has those too, why should i care about that? And putler invaded Ukraine because they have lots of natural resources and he wanted to eliminate the competition. This NATO expansion excuse is just bullshit.

          1. Your mother made you stupid. Lemme guess, you are a putin fanboy because he is anti woke, and in your mind, he is somehow your ally against Schvab and World Economic Forum.😁

                  1. I’m anti woke too, but i can’t understand how could he think that komrade putin will take his hand and help him fight them πŸ™‚

                    1. which one of my sentences mentioned i agree with putins bullshit? this is what i am talking about, ppl like you are the fucking problem, uniformed yet loud dumbfucks

                    2. @nezfi are you talking about Hunter Biden and old fart Biden’s connections with Ukraine? Yes, i know about them. Maybe i’m not that uninformed as you think . But whatever.

    1. And? You think anybody gives a f### about what you say? Please use a condom and don’t reproduce.

  1. Can u dumb asstrolls stop talking about some shitty Ukraine? Nobody gives a shit about neither you, your life or your political agenda.

  2. I think this possibly the worst event I’ve seen from WoT.
    If this the “best” then fcking hell Xmas event will be worth uninstalling for.

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