Riot Games Bought Wargaming Sydney

Source: WOT Express

Riot Games bought Wargaming Sydney – the studio helped with the development of World of Tanks PC.

The studio will be renamed Riot Sydney and will support the ongoing development of existing Riot games.

Video game developer and publisher Riot Games have announced the acquisition of Wargaming Sydney(🇦🇺Australia)

Wargaming Sydney is one of the largest gaming studios in Australia, formed under its original name BigWorld back in 2002. The studio created the game development tools and other software architecture needed to develop online games such as MMOs. Following the acquisition by Riot, Wargaming Sydney will be renamed Riot Sydney and will help develop Riot games such as Valorant and League of Legends.

* This division of WG was known for creating BigWorld Technology, a widely used MMO engine. Allowed the studio to get into the Guinness Book of Records when there were 250 thousand players on one server at the same time.

Wargaming Sydney is the only company being acquired by Riot Games, with other studios under the Wargaming name not affected by the acquisition. Wargaming will also retain ownership of the BigWorld Technology gaming software architecture for its existing games.

Riot says the rebranded Riot Sydney will be a key member of its network of development studios. The publisher said in a press statement that it “looks forward to the growth of the gaming industry in 🇦🇺Australia” and “will continue to explore similar opportunities to add experienced talent from veteran studios”. The entire Wargaming Sydney development staff will join Riot Sydney, while the current publishing team will remain part of Wargaming. The development staff will continue to work in their current offices.

📄“We are thrilled to bring these talented developers and teams to Riot,
” said Marc Merrill, co-founder, and president of Riot Games, in a press release.
“Riot players who have worked with members of the Sydney team have confidence not only in the technology that has been built over the years, but more importantly in the people who created it.”

📄“We have been working at Wargaming for over 10 years, and during this time the studio has become a real titan of the industry,” comments Naz (Naresh Hirani, Head of Development at Riot Sydney).
“Cooperating with Riot, we made sure that our values ​​​​are fully aligned, and we will be happy to contribute to the development of the company’s projects. Our entire team is thrilled to be able to bring amazing new products to players with Riot.”

26 thoughts on “Riot Games Bought Wargaming Sydney

  1. wargaming is losing grounds here
    its normal, as players and loads of customers realise their faulty and super expensive products

    1. haha, “super expensive products” =))))))
      Should I say you’re so naive or so clueless?
      Any kind of games you can find nowaday will make you open your wallet and willing to spend your money.
      WoT is one of the most free-to-play games you can find unironically.
      Gacha games, RPGs or even something like LoL where you feel like pay-or-not is not a problem will take a massive amount from your wallet every year and you will smile after getting beaten countless amount of times from dedicated players.
      In WoT, I spend ~100$ a year and have fun farming plebs. That’s pretty expensive right? =)))))

      1. @Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me from Asia
        A 100$ a year is expensive, unironically. I pay 0$ a year and I can still slap the carap out of plebs like you.

        1. If you can’t afford less than 10$ a month for your hobby, haha, I don’t even need to say anything more.
          Yeah there are f2p players that are actually good but in order to prove that you need more than just typing.
          Players like me who are top dmg/exp in 99/100 battles very welcome you to the show =))))

            1. I can also flex with constantly playing at 160%+ in Rank =))))
              Not quite a hardcore player but I’m experienced enough for everything that matters in WoT.

          1. Some people spent that much a week on a pack of cigs.
            A hectodollar a year for WoT isn’t that expensive anymore in that regard.

            1. People are spending like crazy in some wibu kind of games like Genshin Impact, FGO,… and even crazier in a full P2W shitshow like Diablo Immortal.
              Meanwhile, in WoT there are not even that many things you can spend your money on.
              There is a fact that we have to consider seriously though. WG is more greedy by putting more & more contents in their lootboxes.

              1. I can flex too. I have 4 classic old-timers in my Garage. 2 of those are Mercedes 1 BMW and a Ford mustang. THAT is my hobby. That is where I put my money, and not some pixel tanks witch disappear when the servers are shut down. But everyone can spent their money however they want to.

  2. I do not agree with a comment above – u can play game for free and even though the tanks balancer is a complete and utter **it, I won’t dare to say that the game is dying just yet(or requires pay-to-win approach from players – though, tbf the background for it is pretty solid at this point).

    However, a part of WG is being sold again – and I would ask myself why did they do that?.
    Did that department have no value in terms of WoT development any more?

    Or it was just a good deal to sell them?

    Anyhow, this is probably normal for WG – nothing to get concerned about(at this point at least)..

    1. Considering all they seem to do is make the middleware that mmos run on, I don’t think wg main is too upset to hand them off to another company. Basically it’s something they’re not gonna get a lot of use out of unless they wanna do another game engine update, so might as well sell it off to riot who’ll get more use out of them.

    2. The game is dying, 90% is based on developing a regular tank that will be destroyed after half a year or 1 year. There is no fun factor in it anymore, it’s just that you either buy a powercreep premium tank or spend money for free xp on the current powercreep regular tank, which is now AMX mle 54. This is what WOT has been doing for 12 years and whatever game mode they invent, it’s not about anything else you will be forced into a labor camp for the prizes, or if you don’t have a powercreep tank, you will suck because you are not competitive for the prize! And it’s never fun because you have to tryhard, look at the current 7v7 mode, people are nervous about getting points because they are forced to work in a labor camp to get the prizes. And WG is lying to people that this is a free to play historical fun game. It is based on coming here and getting stuck in the game because you become addicted to the game and if you don’t want to suffer then you will be forced to give them money.

      If he was able to bring fun to the game and forget this concept while making money, wouldn’t say that the WG is dying!

      WG needs to understand that it should include the tank branches up to the present day, this game lacks modern tanks, such as the T14 Armata or the M1A Abrams!

      1. Like, theres a big problem when you say its bad, boring, no fun game, and you say its adictive at the same time… Like… In a game you need to be good, fun and never boring to get people addict to you…

        Btw I have been playing 100% for free for like 4-5 years, even with premium account some months because of the events and the tournaments, I have few tier 6-8 premium tanks from events (not a single maraton, I dont play that much) and still having fun…

        Ah, and the most important thing, since the fricking first day I keep finding this random people that says year after year “The game is dying, It wont last more than 1 year”… Dude, have fun or leave, And If you wanna complain, go and give some real feedback… Yep, the useless feedback that ended in the recon mode, amazing mode btw, the useless feedback that stopped crew2.0 btw, and the feedback that WG is listening now because they lost most of their player because of the war, and they need to keep improving the game… Is litterally the best time ever to give some real feedback and not that infinite bucle of “the game is dying, it will end this year”


        1. You are writing this because you haven’t gotten to the point of getting all your existing regular dream tanks and buying a couple of tier 8 premium tanks, which will make you uncompetitive because they are constantly releasing stronger premium tanks and forcing you to buy them if you don’t want to be a pile of crap in the battles.

          As long as you play to get all the tanks you want and you don’t have them, you won’t feel that way. The point that you enter the game and have everything, shows that this is a work camp, you don’t know why you need another premium tank or another regular tank that will be nerfed in 1-2 years anyway. You also probably feel that the game is good because you don’t want to acknowledge that WOT is playing all the time to make you weak and buy something, because people are not born to suffer, if you buy a strong tank you will be happy.

          This is also why veterans drop out of the game, because the foundation of WOT is written to get new players who will be persuaded to buy with honey strings. I guess you have seen a beginner player asking other players if this premium tank is good? Is it worth buying? Their marketing works, for me, who is a veteran and has everything, the marketing does not work and does not see the pink fog so that he is blind and does not realize that they are only bidding for your money! That way, only the junk that is outdated is left because you don’t buy a new competitive tank!

          1. Yep, I’m not getting in that point… because

            1.- I have no dream tanks, I just play for fun the tanks I like, because I like the game, I’m not a WW2 history fan, I’m a guy who like realtime strategy games like this…

            2.- I have the premiums I need, HWK30, Caernarvon AX, pantherm10 and a lot of tier 3-7 I enjoy them and I dont need more, even when they are trash against the best new premiums, If I’m having a bad time against tier 8s, I just change the tier for another funnier… Is that hard to understand that?

            Asl long as you play to get all the tanks… NO, I Play for fun the fricking funny tanks, t-50-2, O-I, P1z, even the pantherm10 facing lower tiers is a ramming beast, really funny to bully lower tiers with that thing…


            You also probably feel that the game is good because you don’t want to acknowledge that WOT is playing all the time to make you weak and buy something???????? Kmon bro, I already said I have been playing for fricking free for years, not a single payment, not even stream bonus codes, kmon bro

            because people are not born to suffer, if you buy a strong tank you will be happy.???

            I got a pantherm10 for Free in a clanwar event, I ram little tier 5s with him, and I’m happy… Is that hard to understand?

            This is also why veterans drop out of the game, because the foundation of WOT??? Yeah, the salty sir foch and… and… There was another guy with bears I guess…

            Oh, look, theres a 3HOURS VIDEO OF OLD CCS HAVING FUN THIS WEEK WITH THE NEW EVENT, The ones that loves to sht on WG, and have no fears to say something is trash when something in the game is trash

            “for me, who is a veteran and has everything, the marketing does not work and does not see the pink fog so that he is blind and does not realize that they are only bidding for your money!”

            Dude, I didnt buy a console, I didnt buy a good pc, I just found the advice of this game, installed it in my potato PC, and play it for 5 years… FOR FRICKING FREE. 0.00 USD spend… I probably should feel bad because I’m getting so much for free…

            “That way, only the junk that is outdated is left because you don’t buy a new competitive tank!” really? All this time, my tanks with 60% WR were just a ghost, I’m not even competitive, that little tanks with 2 and 3 marks were all false, If I dont play a premium tank, I’m not competitive, even with 60% WR, even with 3 marks, thats doesnt mean a sht…. CMON BRO… Even a random like me who plays mostly tier 5-7 managed to get the t55A (2 marks and 1k av exp with this beast) this game is max, 10% P2W…

            Go and see some MMORPS where most of the content its ONLY AVALIBLE with payments… Yep, you get for example 10 tickets to the gatcha for free every week or whatever, but getting the best things takes 1k+ tickets… and the only way to get that many is paying… that is real P2W, where either you invest a lot of money or you are nothing…

            I’m playing mir4, and people who has invested ONLY thousand of dollars cry because they are not even close to be in the top, the best accounts are not even in the market, and they are 50k+ dollrs, that is real P2W, WOT HAS NOTHING TO COMPARE.

            (Btw the biggest guy in my server in mir4 bought his account for 43k dollrs, and now a guy who has invested even more is kicking his ass all day, we think he has invested 100k+ in his account, but we have no way to confirm that info, we, the F2Ps are not even bugs in fron of him, we are nothing, less that nothing, we cant even hit him, that is real P2W)

        2. Since I see that you haven’t been playing for so long, I recommend reading the WG EULA! I am writing for your benefit!

          Feedback and User Submissions

          13.1. We are always pleased to hear from our users and welcome specific comments about our Products. Unfortunately, however, our long-standing company policy does not allow us to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions or materials other than those we have specifically requested. The aim of this policy is to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings when projects that we develop might seem to others to be similar to their own creative work. Accordingly, we must, regretfully, ask that you do not send us any original creative suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts or other information such as game ideas or original artwork (“Submissions“).

          So WG doesn’t care what you want, just pay regularly!

          1. and what did I say? THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO GIVE THEM FEEDBACK, since they are asking in the posts about map changes, in the recon mode, in the CCs videos, in the map guide videos and so on.

      2. Wow, “the game is dying” he said.
        Oh boy oh boy LoL playerbase has been decreasing since 2019, should I say LoL is dying?
        Hahaha, clueless speeches always give me some good giggles.
        Following this clueless speech, it’s reasonable to say every fcking game is dying because their playerbases have been decreasing for years.
        Everything this guy sees 1 word “powercreep”, everything he wants is more powercreeping with modern tanks =))))) so hilarious.
        There are tank games with modern tanks, please move on and stop complaining =))))
        Nobody knows how brutal it is in the gaming market nowaday, nobody knows that even something like Overwatch game of the year 2016 is dead and why, let’s pretend we truly don’t =)))))))

        1. Useless c unts like Frank “play for fun” wankers with their 48% win rates have fcked this game over

          1. PLaying for fun and still getting 3 marks and 60% WR…

            Wich tanks did I say I’m having fun?

            Panther/M10 with 3 marks and 58% WR
            T-50-2 with another 3 marks and 58% WR
            T-55A with only 2 marks and 57% WR

            and the tanks I’m playing the most this month, the derp ramming low tier beast VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm with another 3 marks, and 63% WR in 300 games… As I said, they are the tanks I play only for fun and not fro tryhard… clanwars and events, I use S.C. leopard 1, Bobjetc, stronger tanks with higher requirements for 3 marks that I dont like to play that much, because they are no that funny, and I’m not really good at them.

            Hoping 1 day I will be good enough to get my 3rd mark in the t55a, I love that beast

  3. WoT is old and stale. Sure they retain the rights to use the BigWorldEngine as the game WoT sees fit, but this is the end in some regards.
    WG-Tanks either has to:
    – get a division to care for World engine
    – design a new world engine for WoT II Tiers 11-20
    – Truly run out of tanks, real or napkin, and gimmicks to keep the game going.

    1. They did it to themselves honestly. Same maps for years. Overpriced mediocre tanks. Never ending grinds for something. Boring and over complicated events

  4. Games are just for Fun
    Hobbies are for personal reasons
    Not everyone is for Team Win
    Not everyone is for Improving Win Rate
    Not everyone is for Competition

    Riot Games is League of Legends
    Champions – $2 to $10
    Skins – $5 to $100
    Chests and Hextech Crafting – $2 to $50
    Event passes – $10 each, Four per Season
    Icons and Wards – $5 each
    Time – $Infinite

    An average League of Legends player spends $119 on average.

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