14 thoughts on “WoT: QuickyBaby Bonus Codes

  1. ahahhah nooo … no no n o….
    not even for free! not even with 30d premium time nailed to his head :))

    he can scrub someone elses latrines

  2. Aww yiss, now I can have the cringelord himself as commander.

    Oh wait, I’d rather have a more fun CC as commander, like skill of sofilein.

  3. Here are the rest for 30 days absent players:

    Skill4ltu - VSJTSKILL4LTU

    DezGamez - 7GQTDEZGAMEZ


    Mailand - JKKNMAILAND

    Circon - 53MPCIRCON

    Dakillzor - J6L2DAKILLZOR

    Orzanel - W5UAORZANEL

    NewMulti2K - IUK6NEWMULTI2K

    QuickyBaby - 4X3EQUICKYBABY

      1. Maybe Seb only found the QB code. I found them all on Reddit myself, and they worked (tried on my numerous alternative dormant accounts). All of them came with odd 2099 assign by dates, except Orzanel (no date on that one). You can only activate one per dormant account, and they all have 1 zero skill (BIA) on them.

  4. Voices sound so shit. Like they recorded on a Nokia from 20 years ago.
    This event trash. Collecting tokens fuck that. If I want them I’d buy them. Which I don’t because they sound hideous.

  5. I want female voices. By then I remembered the aren’t any female cc or players.
    What’s that film called? Sausage fest

  6. People here complain about these voicelines being bad and completely deny the fact that WG intentionally makes them sound like that.
    I guess nobody knows how radio sounded like half a century ago because they now have DISCORD =))))))

    1. If I’m paying 30 euros for a commander I want decent quality voice. Not some shit. If you want to pay for shit then go ahead.
      Instead I’ll carry on using a free mod ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ

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