Russian Soldier Ended Up In Ukranian Captivity Because Of World of Tanks

All in all; a Russian citizen purchased 5000 rubles (~80$) worth of World of Tanks premium content around 5 years ago with a credit card that he found in a store. On the following day, he got caught and later on got sued for 300.000 rubles (~4800$). He wasn’t able to pay it off even after a long time, so he applied for military service, which would’ve paid off his debt if he wouldn’t get into captivity in Ukraine.

63 thoughts on “Russian Soldier Ended Up In Ukranian Captivity Because Of World of Tanks

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  2. Apparently the Russian armed forces lie big time about wages, so even if they promised this guy a lot of money, chances are he’d never see anything but crumbs after his enlistment time is over.

      1. Only because the players cannot keep politics to themselves and WG does not care about keeping the chats clean.

        And well, banning 3/4 of the playerbase because of racism and fascist ideology is bad for business.

    … not “wot made him break into a thing”

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