WoT: Sixth Sense – A Special Commander Feature

When Update 1.18.1 goes live, the Sixth Sense perk will become a special commander feature. This means that it will always be available for all crew commanders in the game, and you will no longer need to train it. We are sure that this change will make battles more enjoyable for all players, especially new ones. Let’s see how it works and what will happen to your newly available perk slot.

Crew 2.0 Sandbox Test: A Look Back

In 2021, we tested Crew 2.0 in Sandbox. From the very beginning of testing, the Sixth Sense perk was made available as a default perk for all crew commanders. We received a huge number of questions, feedback, and comments. Clearly, players were very interested in these major proposed changes. After completing the tests, we took a break and carefully analyzed the statistics and feedback we obtained with your help. It was obvious that Crew 2.0 required further improvements, and its main changes could not be released in this form. However, we decided to first develop the solutions you would find most useful, including the Sixth Sense perk as a special commander feature.

Since then, we have been gradually moving forward, refining and improving some of the ideas shown on the Sandbox server. The Sixth Sense perk will be the first Crew improvements from these ideas introduced to the game. In the future, other changes to the Crew concept will follow. However, we will get into more detail about that at a later date.

Free Sixth Sense: General Rules and Compensation

Sixth Sense will become a special feature for all current and future crew commanders that you recruit, receive, or retrain. It will be available automatically starting from the crew commander’s first battle, regardless of the major qualification level. The mechanics of the Sixth Sense perk will work the same as before.

If any of your commanders already possess the Sixth Sense perk, the XP you spent to train the perk will be fully compensated upon the release of Update 1.18.1, and then automatically re-distributed in the following order of priority:

  1. To reach 100% of your commander’s major qualification (if it was below 100%).
  2. To train the last skill of the commander to 100% (if there was any skill that was not fully trained).
  3. The remaining experience will go to the commander experience pool and can be spent on a new skill/perk of your choice.


UPDATE 1.18 UPDATE 1.18.1
Major qualification — 100%

Sixth Sense — 100%

Major qualification — 100%
Sixth Sense — special commander feature
New skill/perk of your choice — 100%
If the Sixth Sense perk has not been trained to 100%, then the experience spent on it will go towards reaching 100% of your commander’s major qualification. The remaining XP will go back to the commander experience pool, so you can select and start training a new skill/perk of your choice. This new skill/perk will automatically be upgraded to the same level as the original Sixth Sense perk (e.g., 70% for 70%).


UPDATE 1.18 UPDATE 1.18.1
Major qualification — 90%

Sixth Sense — 70%

Major qualification — 100%
Sixth Sense — special commander feature
New skill/perk of your choice — 41*%
Training the first perk from 0% to 70% requires 51,172 XP. To reach 100% of your commander’s major qualification with 90%, you need 39,153 XP. The remaining 12,019 XP is only enough for 41% of the new skill/perk.

After the release of Update 1.18.1, the Increased Focus directive will no longer be available for purchase. Already purchased/received directives of this type will remain in your Depot, and you can continue to use them to strengthen the effect of the Sixth Sense feature until they are all used up.

Interface Improvements

We have also slightly redesigned the crew interface, making it clearer and easier to navigate. Special commander features and zero skills/perks will now be displayed separately. In the screenshots below, you will find these changes.

sixth_sense_lamp-en sixth_sense_tooltip-en sixth_sense_zero-perk1-en sixth_sense_no-zero-perk-en

Sixth Sense as a Zero Perk

If your commander possesses Sixth Sense as the zero perk, you will be able to choose any of the 4 basic perks and skills (Repair, Firefighting, Concealment, Brothers in Arms), or any of the major qualification perks in its place as a zero perk (this rule also applies to each crew member who possessed Sixth Sense).

If Sixth Sense was a zero perk and you managed to train some other perks, you can still make them the new zero perk.


You have trained 5 perks, including Sound Detection. You will now be able to set Sound Detection as the zero perk. This perk will no longer be on your list of trained perks, and the XP you spent to train it will be compensated and automatically re-distributed in the same order as the fully trained Sixth Sense perk.

UPDATE 1.18 UPDATE 1.18.1
Sound Detection — 40% Sound Detection — zero perk
Sixth Sense — zero perk Sixth Sense — special commander feature
Major qualification — 100%

Brothers in Arms— 100%

Firefighting — 100%

Major qualification — 100%

Brothers in Arms — 100%

Firefighting — 100%

New skill/perk of your choice — 40%
Instead of the Sixth Sense zero perk, you can choose any basic skill/perk (Repair, Firefighting, Concealment, Brothers in Arms), or any skill/perk from your crew member’s major qualification. For example, for the Commander (other than the basic skills/perks), you can choose from:
  1. Jack of All Trades
  2. Mentor
  3. Recon
  4. Eagle Eye

Accordingly, if you retrain your Commander to Loader, you’ll be able to choose from:

  1. Safe Stowage
  2. Intuition
  3. Adrenaline Rush

Remember, you can only choose a new zero perk once and you won’t be able to change it later.

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      1. Actually it’s still stupid but it worked. Some call that more luck than brains :/

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  2. I am glad they learned from crew 2.0 and not rush the update. 6th sense for free is very welcome change for everyone.

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