WoT ST: T32M Detailed Stats

T32M (USA, Tier-8, HT, premium)
techtree T32 (left), T32M (right)
• Aiming Time: 1.82 – 1.63 sec
• Gun Loading: 8.63 – 10.55 sec
• Gun Rate of Fire: 6.95 – 5.69
• Dispersion at 100 m: 0.36 – 0.32
• Dispersion from turret rotation (max.): 0.10 (2.61) – 0.06 (1.56)
• Average damage per minute 1 (AP) projectile : 2 225 – 1 821
• Average damage per minute 2 (APCR) projectile: 2 225 – 1 821
• Average damage per minute 3 (HE) projectile: 2 920 – 2 389
• Engine power: 800 – 865 hp
• Specific power : 13.90 – 15.03 hp/t

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All performance characteristics are indicated with a commander’s bonus.

Description not available yet.

Crew of 6 people:
Commander; Gunner; Driver; Radio operator; Loader; Loader
Role in battle: Support Heavy
Tank Equipment: Survivability.

13 thoughts on “WoT ST: T32M Detailed Stats

    1. So that’s a problem?

      Not having 2 IS-2
      One of which being IS-2B
      Like Cromwell B(erlin

      And yes they do have different stats and amor profiles…

      Unlike kv2/R…which is identical

      WG knows shit about naming
      But at least you can tell them apart

      1. I’m guessing he meant «you could at least model the T32E1 to show you put a little bit of effort on making this new premium» or something of the sort

        1. Optical modification sure
          Also helps identification
          And ofc makes it unique and historical etc

          Only positive s

  1. With that aiming speed you can get away with using a V.Stab.
    So Vent + Turbo + Rammer in general and replace Vent with Hardening in city maps.
    A solid tank but not very interesting.
    I still prefer the Renegade with its immense firepower and difficulty. Although this T-32M will probably give you an easier gaming experience.

      1. A tank that is so reliable can’t never be boring.
        Look at the Lowe, a tank with same alpha same accuracy but worse DPM worse mobility and worse armor.
        Something like the Turtle or Tornvagn which can’t do shit but sitting hulldown in 1 place for the whole battle is truly boring.
        But with this tank, you will have an easy time and easy time doesn’t mean it’s boring.

  2. Looks like it’s better than the techtree T32, except for DPM.

    Not pay2win but it definitely qualifies as pay2play.

    1. Uhh that bit of accuracy doesn’t break it. It’s always close up anyway and got time to aim etc.

      It’s not pay 2play

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