WoWS: Early Access to Japanese cruisers, graphical improvements, Battle Pass, new season of Clan Battles, Brawls, and other news — Closed testing 0.11.10

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up in the next Update.

Early Access to Japanese light cruisers

In Update 0.11.10, early access to Japanese light cruisers begins.

Players will be able to earn a new temporary resource — Japanese Tokens — by completing special combat missions. These tokens can be spent in the Armory to acquire consecutive bundles with early access ships. With the release of Update 0.12.0m Japanese Tokens will be exchanged for Credits at a rate of 1:9,000.

For the event, we added the “Dawn Harmony” permanent camouflage for Shimanto, Takahashi, and Yodo.

The port of Zipangu has been updated to receive the new branch.

Graphical Improvements

Work continues on visual upgrades in our game during Update 0.11.10.

New HD textures have been added to the maps Mountain Range, North, Strait, Estuary, and Northern Lights.

An Aurora shader has been added to the sky in the latter map, making this phenomenon appear more realistic.

Vegetation models have been improved on all maps, and a surf effect has been added to all maps with HD textures.

The effect of water being displaced by moving ships has also been improved and now looks more realistic.

Wet effects and dynamic reflections have been added to all ship surfaces.

Battle Pass

Starting with Update 0.11.10, the Battle Pass (BP) will appear in the game. A new BP will start with the release of each Update and remain active until the start of the next one.

The BP consists of a progress bar broken down into levels that require Battle Pass Points to complete. Starting with version 0.11.10, these points will become a reward for completing daily and weekly combat missions.

There will be 2 reward chains available — free and paid. They will have a single progress bar, but access to rewards from the paid chain will need to be purchased. This can be done at any time, and after the purchase, you will receive all the rewards of the paid chain, tied to previously completed levels.

The free chain will include all the rewards that the player could receive for daily, weekly and monthly combat missions before the release of version 0.11.10, namely: various containers, Free and Elite XP, credits, coal, steel, research points, and Port slots.

Additional rewards will be available in the paid chain, including coal, research points, credits, free and elite experience, steel, as well as economic bonuses. The final reward of the paid chain in version 0.11.10 will be Tokachi. Buying access to a paid chain will also make it possible to buy additional BP levels for doubloons.

To complete the entire BP, you will need fewer points than you can get for all combat missions, which will allow you to complete the BP even if you miss some of the tasks. If you continue to complete combat missions after completing the BP, you will receive fixed additional rewards.

Details about the Battle Pass will be announced at a later date.

New Clan Battles Season

In Update 0.11.10, Clan Battles season “Octopus” will begin.

The battles will take place in a 7 vs. 7 format on Tier X ships, with no aircraft carriers or submarines.

The season will start off with the following restrictions — a team can have no more than 2 battleships, as well as a total of no more than 3 Marceau and Kleber combined. More restrictions may be introduced and existing ones changed during the season.


In Update 0.11.10 you will be able to take part in 4 Brawls

Brawl 1 – 7-14 November

Format: 4 vs. 4 on Tier V ships

Restrictions: A team can have no more than 2 battleships, 2 cruisers, and 2 destroyers.

Brawl 2 – 14-21 November

Format: 5 vs. 5 on Tier V ships

Restrictions: A team can have no more than 3 battleships, 3 cruisers, and 3 destroyers.

Brawl 3 – 21-28 November

Format: 1 vs. 1 on Tier X ships

Restrictions: submarines are not allowed to participate.

Brawl 4 – 28 November-5 December

Format: 1 vs. 1 on Tier VII ships

Black Friday

As part of the upcoming Black Friday event, the following content was added to the game:

  • “B” versions of Napoli, Kearsarge, Mainz, Chkalov, and Shinonome

  • 5 themed flags and patches

  • 2 types of “Black Friday 2022” containers

The Naval base port has been updated to mark the event.

Other changes

The group of camouflages labeled “Special” in the “Exterior” tab has been divided into 2 – Special and Trophy. Added the ability to sell camouflages from these groups.

In Update 0.11.10, a new heroic achievement was added to the game – Reconnaissance in Battle.

The achievement will be awarded for fulfilling all of the following conditions:

  1. Accumulate spotting damage to enemy ships. Damage must be at least 20% of the nominal HP of all ships of the enemy team.
  2. Deal damage to enemy ships. Damage must be at least 5% of the total nominal HP of all enemy ships.

Testing of a unique pan-Asian commander begins. In Update 0.11.10, he will not have a special appearance or personalizations, as they will be added to the game later.

The Commander will have the following enhanced skills:

Aircraft carriers

  • Improved engine boost – bonus to the engine boost duration for squadrons: + 7.5%


  • Emergency and Repair Specialist – Consumable cooldown for Damage Control Party and Repair party: -4%
  • Vigilance – Torpedo acquisition range: +35%

Cruisers and destroyers

  • Equipment Master – Consumable action time: +12.5%

The commander will also have the following talents:

  • Increased Combat Readiness. Activation condition – getting the achievement Reconnaissance in battle. Bonuses – main battery gun reload time and aircraft preparation time -20%. Works 1 time per battle.
  • Master of torpedo attacks. The activation condition is to hit enemy ships with torpedoes 6 times. Bonuses – speed of torpedoes + 5%, reload time of the “Torpedo Reload Booster” consumable – 25%, charges of the “Torpedo Reload Booster” consumable +1. Works 1 time per battle.
  • Emergency stocks. Activation condition – receiving 1,500,000 potential damage. Bonus – ship consumable reload time -6.5%. Can trigger multiple times per battle.

Please note that this commander is undergoing testing, during which the improved skills and talents may change. The final information will be published on the official portal of the game.

New content

Added to the game

  • Steam 5th Anniversary patch and background
  • Shinonome commemorative flag

  • “5 Years on Steam” permanent camouflage for King George V. This camouflage was the winner of the player camouflage contest earlier this year. We thank all the players for participating in it!

  • Expendable camouflage “5 years in the Microsoft Store”

Details on how to obtain this content will be announced at a later date.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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  2. Too bad the IJN CL’s are trash; massive, slow, slow reload, huge number of essentially non-existant secondaries… The line offers nothings except a shit time

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