WoT: Onslaught 2022 – Ranked System and Rewards

The Rating System and Matchmaking

Onslaught is a new competitive game mode in World of Tanks. Unlike Random Battles, where the team composition depends on the vehicle selection, Onslaught battles are fought in Tier X vehicles with similarly rated commanders.

The matchmaker considers each player’s position in the Ranked System to find opponents with similar ratings. It will assemble teams of equal strength based on their Rating Points, Division, and Rank. As a result, players will clash in intense battles, fighting on an equal playing field to see who comes out on top.

  • Players who are 10 or more Divisions apart cannot be matched in the same battle.
  • Solo players and two-player squads are preferably matched against other squads and solo players.
  • There can only be one 2-player Platoon per team, unless matched against a Super Platoon.
  • Super Platoons are preferably matched against other Super Platoons.
  • On very rare occasions when a solo player or squad is matched against a Super Platoon, they will receive an increased amount of Rating Points for a victory and lose fewer Points in case of defeat.
  • Teams made up of solo players and squads will rank higher than the average rank of the Super Platoon they’re placed against.
  • The composition of the opposing team will not affect the number of Rating Points received or lost by a Super Platoon.

Calculating Rating Points

The number of Rating Points a player receives or loses after a match will depend on the battle outcome and their performance. The system looks at each individual player’s performance based on Prestige Points earned and compares it to the team’s average performance. Prestige Points are earned for positive combat actions.

For victories in battle:

  • Calculation of the team’s average performance based on Prestige Points earned
  • The distribution of Rating Points will depend on the team’s average performance
  • Players performing above average will receive additional Rating Points
  • Players performing below average will receive fewer Rating Points

For defeats or draws:

  • Calculation of the team’s average performance based on Prestige Points earned
  • The number of Rating Points lost depends on the team’s average performance
  • Players performing above the average will lose fewer Rating Points
  • Players performing below the average will lose more Rating Points

Players are guaranteed to lose a significant number of Rating Points for desertion or inactivity in battle, no matter the battle outcome. 

Platoons and Communication

There are three different ways to enter a match in Onslaught.

  • A commander can play alone as a solo player
  • Players can team up with each other to form two-player squads
  • Groups of players can band together in a Super Platoon

Super Platoons consist of 7 commanders and can enter an Onslaught battle as a complete team.

The difference in Rating Points for a two-player Platoon cannot exceed 350 points.

In a seven-player Super Platoon, the difference between the highest- and lowest-rated players cannot exceed 500 points.

Players can choose the same vehicles as their teammates, and there are no restrictions regarding vehicle classes.

In-Game Voice Chat

In Onslaught, players will be able to communicate with teammates and coordinate tactics via voice chat.

This feature is disabled by default, but players can enter the voice chat using the “H” key (default) or directly through the mode interface by clicking “Activate Voice Chat.” Players with voice chat enabled are marked with a special speaker icon.

Upon entering the pre-battle lobby, voice chat channels between two-player squads and Super Platoons will automatically connect to the team voice chat channel. If a player has not disabled voice chat while in a Platoon, they will be automatically entered into the team chat at the start of the battle.

Onslaught Ranks

The game mode has a total of seven Ranks:

  1. Debutant
  2. Iron
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver
  5. Gold
  6. Champion
  7. Legend

The five main Ranks (Debutant to Gold) each consist of four Divisions (A, B, C, and D). All players start in Division D of the Debutant Rank. As you collect points, you will gradually progress to Division A of the Gold Rank. 50 Rating Points are required to advance from one Division to the next, totaling 1,000 Rating Points. Points are earned for victories and lost for defeats, draws, and desertions.

Prestige Ranks

The Champion and Legend Ranks are not divided into Divisions A–D, and there is no fixed number of Rating Points needed to progress from one Rank to another. Instead, the top 10% of players that reach the Champion Rank will automatically advance to the Legend Rank.

The number of players who reach the Legend Rank fluctuates depending on the number of players in the Champion Rank. Rankings for the Champion and Legend Ranks are updated every 15 minutes.

Champion Rank

Earn at least 1,000 Rating Points to reach the Champion Rank

Legend RankBe among the top 10% of players on the Leaderboard to reach the Legend Rank

Player activity in the Champion and Legend Ranks is tracked on a dynamic Onslaught Leaderboard in the game client.

A player’s position on the Leaderboard depends on the number of Rating Points they have earned. If several players have the same amount of Rating Points, the player who has played more Onslaught battles will take the superior position. The Leaderboard is updated every 15 minutes.

Game Mode Inactivity

Players in the Silver Rank or higher will lose Rating Points for prolonged inactivity. When a player is placed in one of these four Ranks, each battle will reward them with a certain number of Activity Charges. These charges are rewarded for any outcome in battle, but will not be given to players who are inactive or leave a battle early.

Up to 14 charges can be held in a player’s Activity Bar, and they deplete at a rate of –1 charge per day. If a player doesn’t hold any charges at the end of an event day (01:00 CEST (UTC+2)), some of their Rating Points will be deducted, depending on their current Rank.

Activity Charges earned per battle: Rating Points lost per day of inactivity:
  • Silver Rank:5 charges
  • Gold Rank:5 charges
  • Champion Rank:1 charge
  • Legend Rank:1 charge
  • Silver Rank: –3 points
  • Gold Rank: –5 points
  • Champion Rank: –25 points
  • Legend Rank: –50 points
A player with a fully charged Activity Bar has 14 days to resume playing before losing a portion of their Rating Points. Inactivity for a prolonged period of time will result in a demotion to the Bronze A Division.

This Rank Inactivity System allows players to take a break but ensures that the mode stays competitive until the end. Players have to participate continuously in order to hold on to the highest Ranks and earn the best rewards.


In Onslaught mode, get ready for two reward lines featuring unique customizations for Rank progression and mountains of in-game rewards for victories.

Progression Rewards

Onslaught Season of the Griffin will take place from October 12 at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) through November 20 at 23:00 CET (UTC+1)

The Debutant camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

“Wing and Claw” 2D style

FV217 Badger, M48A5 Patton, IS-4 rentals

The Iron camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Dog Tag Element: Prestige Points Engraving

Dog Tag Element: Iron Background

Bronze camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Dog Tag Element: Bronze Background

Additional copy of the “Wing and Claw” 2D style

Silver camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Dog Tag Element: Victories in Onslaught Mode Engraving

Dog Tag Element: Silver Background

Gold camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Dog Tag Element: Gold Background

Additional copy of the “Wing and Claw” 2D style

Champion camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Onslaught Champion badge

Dog Tag Element: Champion Background

25 bonds per day for holding a leaderboard position

Additional copy of the “Wing and Claw” 2D style

Legend camouflage pattern for the “Wing and Claw” style

Onslaught Legend badge

Legend of the Griffin nickname stripe

Dog Tag Element: Legend Background

50 bonds per day for holding a leaderboard position

Additional copy of the “Wing and Claw” 2D style

Progressive Onslaught 2D Style

The first line of rewards revolves around a brand-new progressive 2D style, featuring accompanying emblems, inscriptions, and Dog Tag customizations. The prizes are awarded based on a player’s progress through the different Ranks and certain achievements in battle.

The most significant reward is the new “Wing and Claw” style, the first progressive 2D style to evolve with every new Rank reached. It can only be applied to Tier X vehicles and consists of a camouflage pattern, inscriptions, and emblems.

Players will receive the style after playing their first battle in the new mode, and can earn four additional copies for reaching the Bronze, Gold, Champion, and Legend Ranks.

wing_and_claw_2d_style_1 wing_and_claw_2d_style_2 wing_and_claw_2d_style_3 wing_and_claw_2d_style_4 wing_and_claw_2d_style_5 wing_and_claw_2d_style_6 wing_and_claw_2d_style_7

The camouflage pattern evolves the first time a player reaches each new Rank.

Three variations of five emblems and nine unique inscriptions can be obtained by meeting certain conditions in Onslaught mode, such as winning 15 times as part of a Super Platoon or causing 25,000 HP of damage. These special customization elements can only be applied to the Onslaught 2D style.

onslaught missions part1 001
onslaught missions part1 002
onslaught missions part1 003
onslaught missions part1 004
onslaught missions part1 005
onslaught part2 001
onslaught part2 002
onslaught part2 003
onslaught part2 004
onslaught part2 005
onslaught part2 006
onslaught part2 007
onslaught part2 008
onslaught part2 009

Rental Vehicles

After playing your first battle in Onslaught, you will be awarded three rental vehicles for the mode:

All rental vehicles are replicas of existing tanks with the same characteristics and properties. They will remain on your account until the end of the Season, on November 20 at 23:00 CET (UTC+2), and will be removed when it’s over.

Dog Tag Elements

Players will unlock a unique Dog Tag Background upon reaching each new Rank from Iron and above. At the Iron Rank, you will also recieve an Engraving for Prestige Points earned and at the Silver Rank, you will get an additional Engraving for victories in the Season of the Griffin.

Prestige Points Engraving

Victories Engraving
Badges and Stripes

The best and most ambitious players who reach the Prestige Ranks will receive a cool Griffin mastery badge and the striking Legend of the Griffin stripe, as well as a daily reward of 25 bonds for the Champion Rank and 50 bonds for the Legend Rank.

Onslaught Champion badge Onslaught Legend badge Nickname Stripe
Victory Rewards

The second reward line includes bonds, credits, pieces of equipment, Personal Reserves, consumables, and more. Players will progress through 8 stages based on their number of victories in Onslaught mode. Each stage can be unlocked after 20 victories, totaling 160 to complete the progression.

You will also be able to earn Battle Pass Points when playing Onslaught.

Disciplinary Actions

Leaving a battle early or not participating in the action can cause significant disadvantages for your team. Therefore, disciplinary actions and penalties are in place to discourage undesired behavior and sanction players who negatively impact battles.

The following actions will be penalized with temporary blocks and significant deductions to Rating Points:

  • Withdrawing from a match while in the pre-battle lobby
  • Inactivity during a match
  • Leaving a battle early

!You will lose significantly more Rating Points for desertion and inactivity in battle than for a lost match. Repeat offenses will increase the duration of a player’s ban from the game mode!

This concludes our deep dive into the new competitive game mode. Check out Part One to learn more about the mode’s game mechanics, participate in the Common Test to get a sneak peek, and make sure to provide feedback.  

Get ready to climb through the Ranks and earn epic rewards as soon as Onslaught hits the live server on October 12! 

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