8 thoughts on “WoT ST: T32M

    1. Using rammer you get 1919 DPM
      It’s fair to assume it manages 2000 with crew.
      Good enough with that turret

      122m struggles to reach uhm 1800 and rules

  1. it is official, they don’t care about the game anymore, all about milking whatever is left
    they didn’t even bother to model the T32E1 which had it’s hull machine gun removed
    they could have done so much better with the US Tech Tree

    1. This is probably just to internally test if it works rather than being a prem, half of these things get shelved and never touched anyways so

      1. 1) it is Wargaming’s “press release”, they chose to do this to stop supertest leaks
        2) they were testing/balancing the T32 not that long ago, why waste time testing the same thing again?
        it is pretty simple, when testing all kinds of “balancing” variations they realized a more accurate T32 could be an interesting tank, now they will bring it to the game pending some sort of “donation” from the players, be it freemium, loot box, battle pass or whatever

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