WoT: Number of People Who Switched From RU to EU

According to WoT Express, more than 450,000 users switched from RU to EU.
On average, 74,300 users leave the RU servers per day.

Are these big numbers for 7 days? Yes.

24 thoughts on “WoT: Number of People Who Switched From RU to EU

    1. you mean, why people are so stupid at the game and camp till they die and lose and 15-2 or 15-1 is more often than was before the transfer ?, I think so

      1. People are more reckless since the transfers began, yes. More selfish and, more often than before, absolutely clueless, especially at tiers 8-10.

        1. My phrase: “they are in another server” is “wrong” because they can join a platoon from another server…. Like… you are accepting that they are in another server already .-. And as the other guy said, the few ammout of people in platoons cant really affect the game

  1. That’s about 10 times more than I might have expected. I still suspect that these are mostly folks in the “Near Abroad” who had been playing on the RU server out of convenience, as opposed to the newly-minted refusenik who’s taking 10 minutes in an internet cafe to switch over, rather than lose all their work, before slinking off to any port in the storm.

  2. I doubt that! Yesterday, a mere 1k players were online on EU4, and I don’t think 449k just went into platoons to join EU1 or EU2, because their numbers were on an alltime low of combined 30-40k, too.

    1. Exactly, patch after patch and updates, two new modes and prime but ever decreasing player numbers 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Well – I can tell for sure that 90% of Ukrainian players migrated to EU. Those that didn’t are either dead(not a joke) or don’t care/remember their credentials. I am sure that most of the players that migrated will be playing on their migrated accounts any time soon – so there is a huge chance that online will increase drastically.

    1. Wrong again fucktard.
      They had to choose to stay RU or EU so if they didn’t or were dead as you suggest their account should stay on RU.
      Plus if I was Ukraine I’d be fighting against real Russians in real life not some crappy fucking computer pixels…

      1. Being rude only makes you look childish, and more important, it lessens your arguments’ credibility.
        Which is the opposite of your goal, right?

        1. Don’t feed the troll, you’ll get nothing out of it and these assholes only aim at annoying people online for some sick form of entertainment.

          1. That ‘ID = IOT’ wasn’t in Ukraine during the first couple of weeks(when the rushists attacked) – so it’s clear that he doesn’t know what he is talking about(or it’s just some rushist that knows English and likes to annoy Ukrainians).
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            I lost my home in Kharkiv but didn’t loose my familty(wife and 2 children). Right now I am safe in Lviv, but I guess not for long(considering the nuclear threats, this could be one of the primary targets).
            Wife and kids are leaving for Poland this Friday – as for me, I am staying(for obvious reasons).
            The reason I write all this is – not everyone is fit to serve(and unlike the rushists, our military don’t take people for mincemeat, if they don’t have any military experience – like in my case). I pay taxes, I donate(both to military and humanitarian causes) and that is enough for now.
            But some stinking troll(probably from f4gg0russia) won’t understand me or other people who spoke f4gg0russian language and didn’t want any war – and still lost their homes, families..
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