18 thoughts on “WoT: QuickyBaby Voice Lines

  1. looks like this comments is just full of hater… it’s a pity that you can’t do anything else except bunny rabbits

    1. Nothing to do with hating QB.
      The sound quality is terrible and it doesn’t even sound like QB.
      If I was QB I’d be embarrassed if this WG rubbish represented me.

      1. What did you expect? WG did that with every single voiceline in the game.
        They made them sound like people talking through radio to fit their game theme, the WW2.

    2. wow, what a surprise! I don’t expect to see haters show themselves here at all, totally =))))
      Don’t tell anyone that I do expect people who complain about everything will hate you for whatever you do, but that’s not the sad part.
      The sad part is they are our “paid actors” in the game, so we can’t be too harsh for such a nice kind of people, truely.

      1. Fuck off back to your Korean server. Not interested in your constant complaining and crying. Get a life and a job

  2. This QB commander is perfect for your play-for-fun tanks. I would never put him in my tier 10s where I want to be seriously competitive.
    “Let’s push this tank to the limit” in the Vipera, push W key and prepare for “how did that one bounce” xD

  3. Nothing can be as bad as the Godzilla and King Kong voicelines in World of Warships, those were so terrible that WG had to re-record them after community outcry (and even after that they’re still awful as hell).

  4. oh GOD ………………….. noooooooooo
    1. he recorded this at home
    2. he is not a voice actor, thats for sure
    3. sellout complete

    put this crap on my account and i am OUT
    if it at least was Jingles it would be bareable

      1. Haha yes @Fizz please leave and take your fake game knowledge with you…
        That commie twat hasn’t played WOT for years!

  5. Voices are made as radio transmitted, as coul be in game, lot of comments of haters please just look for therapy or leave your mom’s basement.
    Play for fun not for living…

    1. How very dare you tell me what I am or not.
      I’m paying for this game and I expect quality. Not shitty voices that sound like they been recorded in a yoghurt pot.

      1. XDDDDDDDD “I’m paying for this game”.
        Look at this idiot, almost everyone is paying for the game they’re playing nowaday. What’s so special about that?
        You’re paying for a game doesn’t mean you can order the developers & publisher to do whatever F you want to with THEIR GAME.
        Either you follow THEIR RULES, or keep crying all day all night till the moment you realize that nobody cares.
        Are you thinking you’re the store’s owner instead of a customer?

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