2 thoughts on “WoT: The Waffenträger Legacy

  1. It had better be a limited event for it to be back in random battles. They took away my favorite tier 10 out of the game claiming it was op (it sure isn’t op now considering the light tank reworks how its lack of armor will get it destroyed in seconds if it stays too long). People think that its alright to add it back as an event like the object 780, but this is WRONG on wargamings part. They keep removing vehicles from the game that we put time, real money, and effort to receive, only for them to remove it and sell it back to us later on. Plus I’m on a business trip next week so how most of us even have the chance of getting it back if these events are always first come first serve? This company knows more ways of dumping on their player base than trying to improve it. Now that I vented my frustration I still want it back in the game.

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