24 thoughts on “WoT: The Waffenträger Legacy

    1. Noobs will always overspend on old tanks, especialy noob tanks, first days you will see them all over, but after several weeks ,one mabye two per day,
      noobs will always overpay and overspend on over priced, over rated , stupid products

  1. Having read the actual post WoT gave, they really just implied there’ll be a lot of AI controlled waffentragers and possibly even a move to pure PVE for the mode since the good Doctor will be unavailable. Or it’ll be a community contributor level thing where they get WTs and are in random tier X battles, kill for a reward level stuff. I doubt we’ll finally see the WT return, even though by now it won’t even be that significant compared to the power creep that’s developed in it’s absence.

  2. Mark my words – WTF E100 will be coming back as a vehicle playable in randoms, sooner or later! WG will not miss earnings from that hype train!

  3. This is only expected by the old family men who are stuck in the past and think that it is still as OP as it was. WG lives off such fools and we are grateful that so many game addicts pour money into WOT! Pour money down the drain and cry about how crap the game is!

      1. This is not crying, you are an addict and you pour money into the game and support the stupid decisions of WG! Watch Twitch WOT streams, even the CC scolds the game who shouldn’t. WOT streams are 90% toxic and the number of players is decreasing. Those who are lured back are disappointed. There are a lot of games that don’t take your money so blatantly, they’re even free to play or you buy them once and they’re just as enjoyable even after 10 years! Only the brain dead tank dads don’t see this and the WOT addicts who reassure themselves that I’ll buy something to see if it gets better. Those who have a pile of premium tanks and don’t even play half of them.

        1. What’s it to you? Yes – I like this game(even though it has way too many flows) and Yes, I donate as well (not as much as want to – but still) – and in that way I support the game and developers (they receive profit and know that game is successful and that it worth to continue working on it). Yes, I am disappointed with some facts(decisions that WG take) – but it’s better (for me) to play this game, rather than spend my relaxation time somewhere else(or with someone else – I am divorced, and to be honest – happy with that).
          I do have a number of Premium Tanks – and I do play them(I only don’t play gifted tanks – cuz they are low lvl and utter crap).
          Ur suggestion is applicable only to a certain category of people who expect that if they pay for the content, they should be kings – this is not the case of WoT and never will be. I do agree with some ppl that new premium tanks are more OP than other premiums or researched tanks, but again – this is a decision of WG, and if you(me or someone else) have something against it – WoT forum with trolls and/or moderators is always open for suggestions.
          Other than this being said – I see that u are disappointed in WoT, u have ur opinion and think that someone with a different opinion – is trash.. Which actually makes u trash if u really think this way.

          1. They don’t care about what you write on the forum and what you want! Read the EULA!

            Feedback and User Submissions

            13.1. We are always pleased to hear from our users and welcome specific comments about our Products. Unfortunately, however, our long-standing company policy does not allow us to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions or materials other than those we have specifically requested. The aim of this policy is to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings when projects that we develop might seem to others to be similar to their own creative work. Accordingly, we must, regretfully, ask that you do not send us any original creative suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts or other information such as game ideas or original artwork (“Submissions“).

            A normal person doesn’t pay for something that sucks! And you are also stupid because you support stupid decisions! If there are at least 3 – 5 tier 8 premium tanks in the garage that generate credits, there is no reason to pour money into the game, only your own damaged mind!

  4. I hope they will sell the Chieftain P6 in the boxes and the WT will be added into the collectors tree.

  5. Spent $150 of real money to get waffleiron the first time.

    If WG reintroduced it, money is not my problem, my problem is having a waffleiron to play still wouldn’t make WoT interesting to play anymore.

    IF WG reintroduced waffleiron for more money, that would be the biggest insult. I should able to exchange it for my shite grille 15 they exchanged it for, or have a $150 deducted from the new price (I’d expect it to be around $400-600).

  6. I’m fascinated by the people who are pissed off with the game, but who still feel the need to attack WG though they have allegedly moved on. To it’s a certain degree I still hang around out of inertia, but mostly to see what crazy thing happens next. Fake Chinese heavy tanks with rocket boosters; what will WG come up with next!

  7. I prefer other games none I which I pay for when you can download them for free so I don’t care.
    I don’t even play wot now

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